Swim Team 6th November 2015 Written Update

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Swim Team 6th November 2015 Written Update by Sona

Swim Team 6th November 2015 Written Episode

Neel helps Deepam do headstand. Deepam says she wanted him to ask something else as well, if they can talk while having coffee. She offers him coffee. He agrees. Umang watches them and wonders what he is doing with Deepam. Neel spots Umang and runs behind her. Deepam wonders where he has gone, but atleast he agreed for coffee. Neel stops Umang in the corridor and asks why she left. She asks if she needs to give him any reason. Neel is happy that he has seen jealousy whenever he is with Deepam. He asks if she is going to become a jealous girlfriend. Umang irritatingly gets her bag, they get close to each other. Umang says she isn’t jealous or possessive, she don’t care whoever he helps in headstand or go to drop home. Neel says it matters for her, as she likes him. And he only likes her, and she is the only one who exists in her life. He says he is a one woman man. Umang asks him to leave her, he asks if he should really leave her and go. She says it doesn’t matter to her. Neel leaves. Umang is upset.
Umang shuts Rewa’s laptop. Rewa asks what happened. Umang asks if she is that jealous, possessive and idiotic type of girl. Rewa asks where these questions came from, is she fine. Umang asks why everyone ask her the same question. Rewa asks why is she becoming that hyper. Umang tries to calm herself. Rewa says that Umang wore the T shirt with Neel’s photo in academy sometime ago and on the show, Neel had said that his girlfriend will appear in zonals wearing the shirt with his photo. Doesn’t these two related to each other? Umang stands up again asking how can these two be connected. Rewa tells her to relax, why is she being hyper. Umang says she is getting hyper. Rewa says yes, she is always hyper when it is about Neel. Umang asks why would she be hyper because of Neel. Umang says she remembers their no-boys deal. She shouts at Rewa, they notice everyone staring at them. Umang goes to explain to everyone that she isn’t hyper. Rewa tells her to chill, she says she is a calm girl and never gets hyper. Umang asks Rewa if she has ever asked her why she gets hyper when Bhagat is around. Rewa says she never behaves strange when Bhagat is around. Umang says she feels awkward when Bhagat is there, they don’t get cheery like before, they fight like boyfriend and girlfriend. Umang says that those flowers were also…. Rewa asks Umang to say what she knows about the flowers and where she found out about it. Umang says receptionist told her, and everyone has seen the flowers. The most happiest person seeing the flowers was Bhagat. Rewa says Bhagat is her friend. She goes to get coffee. Umang curses herself for spitting everyone in front of Rewa to spoil plan.
Deepam sends Neel a photo and then comes to her saying had he saved her number he would know who sends her funny photos. Umang comes there and wonders what Neel is doing with Deepam. Neel gets it that Deepam is the same girl whose proposal came for him. Both laugh. Neel says now he knew where she got his photo. Umang wonders why she is folding his clothes, is she his wife, what is going on between them. Neel says how much his mother wanted to meet her. Deepam says that her mother also wanted her to marry him then and there. She says how good it is to meet such a person after a long time. Deepam asks for coffee with Neel. Umang is curt that Neel is such a cheapster and flirt. She thinks why she is getting effected. Rewa’s words echo in her mind and wonders if Rewa was right, she gets hyper taking Neel. Why it disturbs her that Neel is with someone else. She thinks about Neel’s words as well. She questions what is happening to her.
Bhagat was watching a photo in changing room. Rewa knocks at the door. Bhagat sits up and asks what she is doing here this late, she must rest. Rewa says she was a bit restless taking tomorrow. She sits with him and says she is a loser friend. He cares for her a lot, but she has never done anything for him. She brought rice so that they can eat together, she explains this is nothing in front of what he has done for her. She says that tomorrow is a big day for them both, this is a way to get rid of nervousness. Bhagat couldn’t take his eyes off her. She goes to the window and says that I miss being a friend Bhagat. She has judged him really harsh and never told him the reason. She thinks him to be someone his own. She always demanded from him and he did so much selflessly. Sometimes she forget that afterall he is a human and not a robot. She was an angry one, used to mind little things, she wanted to tell him but she could never tell him. She thinks he understand her so well. She comes to him, makes him sit and says she trusts him the most, she has never trusted anyone like this, she trusts him for her life. She says that after UG, he is the bestest and closest friend of her.

PRECAP: Rewa tells Bhagat she has cooked the paratha, raita and all for him. She makes him eat with her own hand.

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