Tamanna 15th June 2016 Written Update

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Tamanna 15th June 2016 Written Update by Amena

Tamanna 15th June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Verma sending some men to damage the ground. Its morning, Dhara sees the ground with the junk and says I did not believe they could fall so low. She asks the team to clean the ground, and get back to practice. Dhara, Mishra, Prakash, Sanjay, Salamat, Pitambar and the team clean the ground. Salamat goes and get more help. He gets some men and they also help in cleaning the junk. They all make the new markers. Dhara and Pitambar thank everyone. Pitambar says we will leave now. Dhara asks the team to practice now. She goes to attend a call. She disconnects Mihir’s call. He calls again.

Sanjay asks Dhara whose call is it. She says Mihir. Mihir calls many times. She answers and says I told you I don’t want to talk, don’t call again. Mihir says don’t disconnect the call, listen to me, I wanted to apologize, I went to meet Baa and apologized, meet me once. She asks why did you meet Baa. He says I m not same Mihir, I request meet me once. She says I did not forget what you did with me, I won’t meet you, don’t meet my family again. She ends call. Sanjay says this man is shameless and like to trouble others, he maybe planning something, be alert Dhara. She says he won’t do anything, I know him, you don’t much about him.

Bhai ji tells Chaurasia that now Dhara will get sense. Izhar calls Khan and tells him that there is no good news, Sanjay and Salamat are roaming as best friends, and coming in our area to do canvassing. The school kids are campaigning for Sanjay by going every home, Sanjay will get 100% votes from your area if he can get votes from my area. Bhai ji says I have to kill Sanjay now, else Sanjay will go much ahead in elections, if Sanjay wins, then I m finished. Chaurasia looks on scared. Bhai ji laughs and says we have to stop Sanjay from standing in elections. Chaurasia nods. Bhai ji calls Verma.

Dhara calls home and talks to Baa. She asks why did Mihir came there. Baa says he met me in market and begged me to talk to him. Dhara says you know him. Baa says I know Mihir is not a good man and good husband, I felt he changed, I heard truthfulness in his words and repentance in his voice, did he call you. Dhara says yes, I don’t want to meet him. She ends call. Saroj asks Baa did Mihir really change. Baa says I feel he is saying true, his tears are not fake, he wants to come in Dhara’s life again, we can’t neglect that happened in past, if he keeps trying, Dhara will be hurt, I will call Deepak.

Bhai ji sees the students campaigning for Sanjay and gets angry. He signs Verma. Dhara talks to Sanjay and Veer, and says the people love Sanjay a lot. Veer says Sanjay is hero, people want peace now, and want to make Sanjay win, he can easily make Bhai ji lose. Sanjay says its not good to believe anything before results come. They get shocked seeing Mihir outside Dhara’s house.

She asks why did you come here. Mihir says I could not stop myself and came to talk. She says there is nothing to talk between us, you think I will listen to you, there is nothing in my heart for you, please go, I m happy here and moved on, you should also move on, everything got over between us, I have to get Shubhangi from Mridula, I don’t want her to see you and ask me anything. Sanjay says I will leave Dhara. She says no Sanjay, you don’t need to go anywhere. Mihir says talk to me in private please. She asks him to say infront of Sanjay, else you can leave. Mihir says when I left last time, I felt I will never come back in your life, but I realized I got alone by my rigidness, I came to apologize and beg you for my happiness, forgive me, its all from my heart, trust me.

She asks trust, this word does not look good from you, please don’t do this, stop it, we spoke this last time too, I m saying this again, we can’t unite ever. Sanjay looks on. She asks him to leave and says I won’t let anything wrong happen with Shubhangi this time.

Mihir asks her not to keep him away from Shubhangi, I love you a lot, give me one chance, I will keep you and Shubhangi happy, think well, forgive me. She asks him to leave. He says fine, you are not agreeing to me today, I know your hatred will turn into love soon, you will come back to me one day, I will wait for you all my life. He wishes Sanjay best of luck for campaigning. He leaves. Sanjay looks at Dhara.

Sanjay sees Shubhangi. He asks Dhara don’t you think Shubhangi would be missing her Papa.

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