Tara From Satara 10th December 2019 Written Update

Tara From Satara 10th December 2019 Written Update by MA

Tara From Satara 10th December 2019 Written Episode

Tara walks into an unlocked kholi/room and sees dust borne furniture, someone’s footsteps on floor, etc. She pulls a curtain and is shocked to Sachin’s photos on wall. She sees Sachin in modern clothes and gets more shocked. An old lady slips and asks Sachin to drop her till her kholi. Sachin walks behind the lady and looks at his old kholi ashra. Tara sees Sachin in photos performing Bollywood dance with Srilekha and one more person and reminiscing Sachin and Srilekha speaking for 10 minutes during their first meeting thinks that means Baba and Srilekha ji know each other since long. She hears someone coming and hides. Srilekha walks in with a flash and glass and keeps them on table. Sachin helps old lady and walks into kholi. She thinks why baba came here.

Srilekha keeps her hand on Sachin’s shoulder. Sachin without seeing her says she broke their friendship and now came to meet her after years. Srilekha says her memories will die only with her, she knew he wouldn’t talk to her but would come to this place for sure, so she came here to meet him. He tries to leave. She says if he thinks she followed their friendship even for a few seconds, he should stop. He stops and sits on sofa. She offers him tea and asks how is he and how is his wife Sarita. Tara thinks Srilekha ji knows a lot about baba. Srilekha continues that seeing Radhika’s dance she remembered him and even asked who is her guru, but she didn’t reveal. She remembers their golden days in gurukul while learning kathak. Tara is more amazed to hear that.

Teary eyed Srilekha asks Sachin if he remembers gurukul days, reminiscing those days learning kathak by guruji. She says they all 3 friends Sachin, Shatru, and Srilekha were like ta tha dinha..of kathak. Tara thinks who is Sathru now. Srilekha goes into flashback where Tara and Srilekha are practicing kathak when Shatru enters on his bike calling them. Srilekha says bhopu/horn came. Shatru says her father kept such a long name and they call him Bhopu. Sachin asks where he had gone. Sachin says Mumbai and describes what an amazing city Mumbai is, about Bollywood, etc.., and says they can set Bollywood on fire with their dance and earn loads of money to fulfill their dreams. They reach Mambai and stay in same kholi. Shatru says Sachin should open dance school in his guru’s name, etc.

Precap: Sri tells Sachin that he discovered unique dance step and was about to be honored with Best Bollywood choreographer. Tara thinks she is Bollywood’s choreographer’s daughter then.

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