Tere Sheher Mein 23rd March 2015 Written Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 23rd March 2015 Written Update by H Hasan

Tere Sheher Mein 23rd March 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amaya waking up by the temple bells. She shuts the window and door and lies down. She gets the bell sound again and shuts her ears being annoyed. Rachita sees Jaz doing the Pranayam and greets her good morning. Jaz says you scared me. Rachita says you woke up early. Jaz says about Pranayam keeping mind calm. Rachita says she will get freshen up. Jaz goes with her. They see Amaya coming and Rachita throws water on her face. Sneha greets them good morning and says they woke up early, good effect of Banaras. She gives money to Rachita and asks them to buy few things for them. Rachita says its fine, we have expenses too. Sneha says she can manage this.

Amaya tells them that she spoke to mum and this happened. She takes the money and says she can change anything. Jaz asks for equal share and Amaya says we are eldr. Rachita says yes and they laugh. Amaya says she has a plan. They go out for shopping and find the lanes and people weird. Amaya says they have good shops too which she did not think of. Jaz says Banaras is not so small. Amaya smiles seeing the electronic shop and ask them to follow.

She sees ACs and Jaz says don’t think of it. Rachita says did we come to have AC air. Amaya says chill and tells the man that she wants to buy an AC. She thinks she has 3500rs and three of them has 10000rs, she is sure they can buy AC and they will also not refuse. The man asks about the room size and which AC she wants. He shows some models and says the features and rate 23500 and she gets upset for not having that much amount. He says he can show her more costly models. He says they keep generator also and says it starts from 20000rs. He says about inverter and she asks whats that. He says battery and its rate starts from 17000rs and can make few things work. She says it can’t run AC, I m so confused, what to buy, I m really sorry, I have to go. The men comment on her that seeing purse, no one can say they have money or not, and laugh.

Amaya tells Rachita that they can’t afford anything, our bank accounts are sealed, if superman was there…. Rachita hugs her. Jaz says its ok, I m feeling hungry, we can atleast have our fav food. Rachita says yes, lets go. Mantu works at the café and cleans the virus from the system. The man thanks him and praise Mantu. Mantu says he will out goof software in it and says he will not charge anything, he will have food some day. The girls come in the same café.

The girls have a talk. Amaya asks Rachita not to see whether things are clean or not, as they have having food at home without seeing. Rachita sees things on other table and feels restless. She says she will come and Amaya asks Jaz to get Rachita. Amaya says I can have AC air till then. The man asks did she decide her order and Amaya says she will give in some time, she is waiting for someone.

Mantu sees Amaya and says that girl, she is useless customer, she will not give order and will have AC air. The waiter says yes, she did not give any order, she is waiting for someone. Mantu says I told you and leaves. The waiter asks Amaya for order and she says wait, I will give. She goes for handwash and Mantu taunts her for coming out leaving the AC air. She says this is not your car, and asks him to leave.

He scolds her and leaves. She gets angry and goes to give order. She orders many things, and Mantu is stunned. Mantu says computer is fine now. The waiter says that girl have big order. Mantu sees her and leaves. Rachita says the kitchen was need and asks Amaya to order. Amaya says she ordered, she knows what they like. The food comes and they enjoy the food. They come out and see the shopping place. Amaya says lets find. Rachita says meet me at same place, I will shop myself and come. A man cleans all the metal weights and wants things perfect. He has same habit like Rachita as he can’t see messy things. Rachita comes and looks on. His father scolds him. He asks Rachita what she wants. The guy sees her and smiles.

Sneha asks Rudra to arrange gas connection and try to make the rate less. Amaya comes from shopping. Rudra says it looks like they went out, see how happy she looks. Sneha looks on.

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