Teri Ladli Mein 12th April 2021 Written Update

Teri Ladli Mein 12th April 2021 Written Update by MA

Teri Ladli Mein 12th April 2021 Written Episode

Daadi with Urmila and Bitti return home. Neighbors insult them that they are a disgrace to their locality and should be kicked out of locality. Bitti warns them to shut up. Neighbors say when Urmila and Daadi are silently, being an servant why is she opposing them. They try to physically harass her when Daadi warns them to dare not touch Bitti as she is her granddaughter and she will kill whoever touches her. She takes Urmila and Bitti inside home, locks door and reminisces getting happy when Yash was born and paying all attention towards him whole life, but him pushing her away and denying to give evidence in Surendra’s favor. She further reminisces giving Urmila poison to kill Bitti in bomb, Bitti’s vocal cords getting damaged because of that, she dumping Bitti in garbage, physically and mentally torturing Bitti whole life, etc. She breaks down and cries loudly. Urmila consoles her and Bitti offers her water. She hugs Bitti tightly and kisses her. Bitti also gets emotional. She says she used to tell that its wrong that she is born in this house, she was right as this house is unfit for her; she is fighting for the family who disowned her and dumbed her voice before she was born. She apologizes Bitti for all her sins and requests to remove the burden from her head or else she cannot live peacefully. Bitti lies in her lap happily and she pampers her.

Next morning, Bitti wakes up from sleeping dreaming about Surendra’s torture by police. She sees gift boxes nearby and opens one to find a dress in it. Daadi asks if she liked it. Bitti signals if she got it. Daadi curses herself for troubling Bitti whole life. Bitti hugs her happily. Daadi says this is her life’s first gift for her, she spent 4 hours to find it and asks to wear it soon. Bitti signals why did she bring dress as they need money for Surendra’s bail. Daadi says she knows, but they should gather happiness whenever they see them; Bitti always helped family and didn’t buy even a pin for herself, now its her turn. She then apologizes Urmila for troubling her whole life. Urmila forgives her.

Bitti wears her new dress. Daadi praises that she is looking like a moon and performs her nazar. Urmila gives her earrings. Daadi feeds her sweets curds and says once Surendra returns, she will clear their differences. They reach temple and perform pooja. Bitti then promises Daadi to bail out Surendra and bring him back home. Daadi says she is sure Bitti will succeed for sure.

Precap: Raju tells Bitti that her employee met with a family accident and had to shut shop, so only Akshat can give her job at this time. Akshat he will give job to Bitti as her face will remind him of his mistake.

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