Teri Ladli Mein 22nd April 2021 Written Update

Teri Ladli Mein 22nd April 2021 Written Update by MA

Teri Ladli Mein 22nd April 2021 Written Episode

During court hearing, Pratap’s lawyer asks Raju to clearly inform what had happened that day. Raju says Surendra had come to office searching Pratap, he informed that Pratap is at construction site, Surendra left angrily saying he will kill Pratap. Surendra shocked says Raju is lying as he never met him. Judge asks defense lawyer/Surendra’s lawyer if he wants to ask something. Bitti signals defense lawyer that she wants to question Raju. Urmila explains it. Lawyer agrees and informs judge that he will question Raju and Bitti will be just a means Judge agrees. Bitti signals Raju what was Surendra wearing when he came to meet him. Raju says he cannot remember, maybe he wore black pant and shirt. Bitti signals at what time Surendra had come. Lawyer interprets her. Raju says around 10-10.15 a.m. Bitti signals if he had gone behind Surendra when he threatened to kill his boss. Raju says he had come. Bitti then asks to call inspector and questions him when did he arrest Surendra. Inspector says around 2 p.m. Bitti calls Raju back and asks what was he doing from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. when Surendra was fighting with his boss. Raju stands silently. Bitti questions if there were other staff members when Surendra threatened his boss. Raju says yes and stands silently. Bitti signals judge that Raju is lying seeing his silence and says opposition is using false evidences to frame an innocent. Judge tells Raju if he is lying, he will be prosecuted. Raju cries vigorously. Judge announces that Raju should be prosecuted for giving false evidence and his evidence will not be considered. He gives 10 minutes break. Raju apologizes Bitti and says he was helpless. Police takes him away.

Urmila and Gauri praise Bitti. Akshat says he cannot understand why Raju gave false evidence. Supriya says there must be some reason. Vaishali walks in. Court hearing restarts. Pratap’s lawyer says he will call an important evidence, Yash whom Surendra is eagerly waiting for. Judge permits. Akshat asks Yash to tell only truth. Yash enters dias. Surendra smiles reminiscing boasting that her son will always supports and fights for him. Yash reminisces Bitti and Daadi’s request to give evidence in his father’s favor and Vaishali ordering him not to. Surendra asks Yash to tell what he saw at construction site. Lawyer asks Yash to tell who pushed Pratap from building and is responsible for his condition. Yash reminisces Urmila holding his feet and pleading to save his father. He tells judge that he lied everyone that he was not at construction site, but he was and that accident happened in front of him, he lied to his family and will tell truth today; he is in a dilemma as his father is on one side and his father-like Pratap uncle on the other side. He says he saw them fighting and tried to separate them when a dust fell in his eyes and when he opened his eyes, he was shocked. Judge asks what did he see. Yash says he saw his papa Surendra Kumar pushing Pratap uncle from building. Surendra and his family are shocked to hear that. Yash repeats that his papa pushed Pratap uncle from building.

Surendra asks Yash how can he lie when he saw everything, if Vaishali’s family forced him to lie. Urmila pleads him to tell truth as his papa will be punished for his one mistake. Gauri also confronts him. Yash says he is giving evidence to get justice for Pratap and his words are true, papa pushed Pratap uncle. Surendra angrily walks to him and asks why he is trying to prove his father a murderer. He asks if there was any issue in his love, if he did any mistake, etc. and beats himself. Police drags him away. Lawyer says when Surendra can beat his own son, he can kill anyone. Judge ends today’s hearing and announces they will start next hearing after cross examining Yash’s evidence. Surendra collapses. Urmila and Gauri rush to him. Bitti pleads Yash to tell truth. Surendra wakes up. Yash say hasn’t changed. Bitti holds his feet and pleads to tell truth. He pushes her and warns not to stretch the issue, papa hasn’t seen her till now and treats her worst than a servant, so she should stop advocating papa. Urmila slaps Yash repeatedly and says his papa brought him home with so much proud and he insulted his papa so badly. He holds her hand angrily.

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