Teri Ladli Mein 8th April 2021 Written Update

Teri Ladli Mein 8th April 2021 Written Update by MA

Teri Ladli Mein 8th April 2021 Written Episode

Pratap slips from building while trying to push Surendra and dies. Yash panics and runs away. Someone calls police station and informs that Pratap is attacked by someone. Akshat reaches there and seeing Pratap lying injured on floor takes him away in his car. Surendra wakes up and searches Pratap and Yash. Bitti hides seeing him. Police team arrives and catches Surendra for attacking Pratap. Surendra says he didn’t attack Pratap and his son has noticed everything. Bitti seeing that runs towards jeep, but it drives away. Urmila video calls Bitti and asks if she is fine and where is her papa. Bitti signals that police arrested Surendra. Daadi yells at Urmila first, but when she hears about Surendra’s arrest rushes to police station with Urmila.

Doctor treats Pratap and informs family that his bleeding his stopped and they should wait till he gets conscious. Akshat gets inspector’s call that Surendra tried to kill Pratap and was found at the spot. Akshat informs family. Richa says there must be some misunderstanding. Yash takes her away. Sakshi yells that Surendra and his children are behind her family, earlier Bitti and Richa tried to ruin Akshat and Yash’s lives and now Surendra tried to kill Pratap. Akshat says there must be some misunderstanding. Sakshi describes how Yash lured Richa to marry her and live a lavish life and then accepted his sin. Vaishali calls inspector and files complaint against Pratap.

Police brutally tortures Surendra and asks him to accept his crime. Surendra says his son knows truth and asks to call him. Urmila, Daadi, and Bitti reach police station and cry seeing Surendra being tortured. Surendra repeats that Yash knows truth and would stand by him, so they should call him. Bitti repeatedly calls Yash, but he doesn’t pick call and thinks he shouldn’t bother. Bitti pleads inspector to stop torturing her father. Inspector says her father is boasting about son, but daughter wants to help him instead. Bitti insists inspector. Inspector asks her to bring her brother and let her give evidence in favor or Surendra. He asks constable to stop torturing Surendra. Daadi cries seeing Surendra’s condition. Bitti says she will go to Yash and bring him here. Urmila says she shouldn’t go there and keep trying his number. Bitti signals Yash will not come until she goes there and bring him here. Daadi says she will accompany Bitti. Bitti gets happy seeing Daadi’s support.

Back home, Supriya prays for Pratap’s life. Sakshi hugs Akshat and asks if papa will get well. He says yes. Bitti walks in with Daadi and signals Sakshi about Pratap’s condition. Sakshi shouts to stop her drama followed by Supriya. Bitti signals to call Yash as he saw the whole incident. Yash seeing Bitti and Daadi tries to escape. Dadi notices him and asks why is he trying to run away. He says he was coming to her. She requests to come to police station and tell truth. Sakshi shouts if she will make Yash lie. Dadi says she is asking Yash to support his father. Bitti holds Yash’s hand and walks towards door when Vaishali holds his hand and says he will not go anywhere. Bitti requests to send him away. Daadi also requests to send a son for his father’s support. Vaishali warns to stop her drama and says she agreed to marry her daughter in their house thinking they are good people, but they were eyeing on money and hence Bitti made painting and gave it to Yash to lure Richa; she will make sure that greedy Surendra should rotten in jail whole life. Bitti signals her nto to speak ill about her father. Daadi confronts Yash for standing silently while his MIL insulted his father and requests to come to police station and tell truth. Yash doesn’t. Daadi pleads to clear his differences with his father and save him. Yash says he will not go anywhere and pushes her. Daadi falls towards broken glass. Bitti saves Daadi.

Precap: Bitti slaps Yash. Neighbors allege Bitti and her family and try to beat her. Daadi warns to dare not touch Bitti as she is her granddaughter.

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