Teri Meri Doriyaann 13th February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 13th February 2023 Written Update by MA

Teri Meri Doriyaann 13th February 2023 Written Episode

Santosh thanks Manveer for making engagment arrangments at a short notice and says they should finish wedding as soon as possible. Manveer asks why is she in a hurry, they waited for hours for her daughter yesterday, today she wants wedding ASAP, why would they listen to her always. Bebe asks her to calm down. Manveer says if their opinion doesn’t matter to them. Jasleen hopes Angad doesn’t slip off from Santosh and Seerat’s grip. Manveer informs that they already fixed a date and have fixed a wedding 1 year from engagement day. Bebe says its their family tradition so that boy and girl can understand each other well. Seerat thinks 1 year is enough to exit Angad and enter Garry in her life.

Santosh says let her talk to her sister about it and excuses herself. She acts as losing unconscious and falls down. Brars rush to her. Ajit calls Sahiba, informs her about Santosh collapsing, and asks her to send Dr Sandhu there soon. Sahiba says even she will come there. Ajith asks her not to come as Angad will humiliate her again. Sahiba says she will manage somehow and calls Dr. Sandhu. Brars lie down Santosh on bed and wait for doctor. Sahiba with Keerat drop Dr. Sandhu outside Brar mansion and wait outside. She makes a plan to enter in bypassing security. She notices caterer sending catering staff in with dresses and masks and joins them.

Dr. Sandhu checks Santosh. Ajith calls Sahiba and asks where is she. She says she is inside Brar mansion. Ajith warns her to be careful as Angad may identify them. Sahiba asks him not to worry as she will manage ATM Angad. Angad notices her and asks who is she and who gave her permission to roam here. Keerat says they are from catering team. Angad says he knows, why was she calling him akdu/arrogant Angad. Sahiba in a changed voice asks if his name is also Angad, she was talking about her mischievous younger brother Angad. Caterer walks to Angad and says they are his staff. Sahiba corrects her mask nervously. Angad asks why is she touching her mask repeatedly. Keerat says she is having tooth pain and asks if they can go now. Angad says okay. Sahiba scolds Keerat for lying and hopes if they can also enter their sister’s in-laws’ house freely like other sisters do.

Manveer tells Ajith and Sudha that they will call their doctor as Santosh is still unconscious. Ajith says Dr. Sandhu will treat Santosh well, she is having hypertension and her BP shoots up due to tension. Keerat bumps on Veeer and their nok jhok starts. He thinks he felt like bumping on Keerat pehalwan. Keerat and Sahiba reach Santosh’s room and finds Brars there. She informs Aith that they are hiding behind. Ajith asks Brars to go attend guests while he stays with Santosh. Bebe says he is right. Angad says they all can go, he will stay with Seerat. Ajith says he need to worry and should attend guests. Darji says they all will go and let only doctor stay with Santosh. Once everyone leave, Sahiba and Keerat head enter Santosh’s room silently. Angad looks towards door.

Precap: Sahiba notices Seerat’s phone rining and picks it. Angad expresses his love for Seerat and asks if she loves hihm. Sahiba nervously says I love you.

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