Teri Meri Doriyaann 21st August 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 21st August 2023 Written Update by MA

Teri Meri Doriyaann 21st August 2023 Written Episode

Angad panics seeing Sahiba’s ECG monitor going blank and tries to wake her up. Doctor asks wardboys to take Angad away and gives defibrillator shocks to Sahiba. Sahiba fails to respond. Doctor informs Angad that his wife is no more. Angad ignores her and asks Sahiba if she is fine, did it hurt her, please wake up. Seerat walks out in shock. Family asks her why was Angad calling doctor. Seerat stands silent. Santosh and Ajith insist and themselves walk towards ICU to check. Nurse stops them and says nobody can go in now. They plead to let them see their daughter. Specialist rushes into ICU without saying anything. Nurse warns them if they don’t stop, she will send them out. They run back to Seerat and ask how is Sahiba. Seerat says let the doctor inform them. Japjyoth says nothing will happen to Sahiba. Ajith requests Inder to speak to doctors.

Angad asks doctors to stop standing silently and transfuse blood to Sahiba. Doctor says it’s too late now, Sahiba is no more. Angad refuses to believe. Manveer recalls Angad’s confrontation. Jasleen tells Seerat that if something happens to Sahiba, Angad will shatter. Angad warns doctors to stop talking rubbish as Sahiba promised him to return safely. He asks Sahiba to stop being adamant and wake up. Doctor tells Angad that they need to inform his family about Sahiba’s demise at 10:45 p.m. Angad warns her not to lie. Doctor walks out and informs family that they tried their best to save Sahiba, but couldn’t. Family is shocked to hear that. Santosh feels dizzy. Inder holds Ajith. Keerat says it’s impossible and asks Seerat to tell that Sahiba is fine. Seerat shouts Sahiba is no more and she herself saw Sahiba passing away.

Family enters Sahiba’s ICU room and stands crying. Angad asks them if they believe doctor, Sahiba is fine. He asks Sahiba to open her eyes and prove the doctors wrong. Sahiba opens her eyes. Angad smiles and says he knew Sahiba will return as promised. He asks her to speak. She says he spoke everything. Angad asks family if they saw Sahiba speaking. Family says Sahiba will never speak again. Angad notices Sahiba’s eyes closed and says she is not speaking again. Gurleen comforts Santosh. Inder asks Angad to accept that Sahiba has left them. Seerat says he should accept Inder’s words and walk out of this place. Angad says they are lying as he just spoke to Sahiba. He continues his belief. Inder walks out. Akaal asks Inder to inform all relatives that Angad’s wife is no more. Seerat says she will inform everyone. Doctor sends nurses in to bring the dead body out. They walk in and remove all the IV lines and monitors. Angad asks them to stop that. They say they need to shift the body to morgue.

Precap: Angad refuses to let wardboys shift Sahiba’s dead body to morgu, sends them out, and lies besides Sahiba.

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