Teri Meri Doriyaann 8th September 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 8th September 2023 Written Update by MA

Teri Meri Doriyaann 8th September 2023 Written Episode

Angad confusing Seerat as Sahiba says they shall start afresh and prove their family that they are a god-made jodi, today is the best day to announce when Sahiba is being being given responsibility of their family. Seerat thinks how can Angad love Sahiba and not her and runs away. Angad notices her running away and asks where is she going. Sahiba runs to the lawn and breaks down. Angad thinks Sahiba got shy, he will propose her in front of everyone today. Mujhe Bhuladiyaa.. song plays in the background. Sahiba thinks how can Angad proposed Seerat, he got confident after Garry’s death and expressed his feelings for Seerat openly. She continues to cry. Angad feels excited to propose Sahiba.

Seerat cries in her room thinking she can’t let Angad go easily and says Sahiba is snatching everything from her repeatedly. Japjyoth walks to her and asks if she got Sahiba ready. Seerat says Sahiba told she herself will get ready. Japjyoth asks if she is crying remembering Garry and comforts her. She takes her to living room. Angad walks to her and asks if he is looking perfect for Sahiba. Manveer frowns thinking her son is way superior than Shimlapuri girl. Japjyoth performs his nazar. Akaal says his happiness shows that his and Sahiba’s differences are cleared. Angad says yes. Inder says it’s good to hear that. Japjyoth asks where is Sahiba. Sahiba walks in. Angad praises Sahiba and welcomes caretaker of their house with a clap.

Jasleen thinks Sahiba doesn’t look happy. Japjyoth asks Sahiba if she is fine. Angad holds Sahiba and asks what happened when she forgave him, where is her smile. Sahiba thinks why shall she forgive him when he loves her sister and not her. She frees her hand. Veer says it looks like Angad didn’t apologize Sahiba properly and hence Sahiba looks still angry. Japjyoth says Sahiba is nervous and asks her not to worry as they are all with her and will support her, she won whole family’s heart anyways. Jaspal and Veer get a family head’s chair. Japjyoth makes her sit on it and asks Gurleen to get stuff for Sahiba’s coronation. She tells Sahiba that she is responsible like Manveer and says taking care of the family at any cost is her responsibility from hereon.

Angad shows cake and flowers to Sahiba. Veer says Angad didn’t let any stone unturned to make her day special. Japjyoth offers her house keys. Sahiba refuses keys and says she can’t accept it. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Angad asks what does she mean. Sahiba says she is leaving this house. Angad asks if she is joking, then it’s a very bad joke. Sahiba says it’s not a joke, she really is leaving the house forever. Angad asks how can she do this. Sahiba says just like he does whatever he thinks. Japjyoth asks what is the issue. Akaal says if Angad has hurt her, he will punish Angad. Sahiba sys she doesn’t want to punish anyone, it’s time for her to leave this house.

Precap: Angad gets a bouquet and thinks if Sahiba sent them. He meets and shouts at her for sending flowers after breaking up with him. Sahiba says she didn’t and finds a note from Mirza. A man grins psychopathically hiding.

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