Teri Meri Doriyaann 9th June 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 9th June 2024 Written Update by MA

Teri Meri Doriyaann 9th June 2024 Written Episode

Angad performs service at a gurudwara. Sahiba’s doppelganger hides in gurudwara from a lady goon and her aides and prays god to save her from the witch. Angad walks to the goon and asks him to switch off his jeep’s engine as it’s disturbing peace. Goon says he is waiting for someone. Angad asks him to move his jeep ahead at least. Other devotees join him and confront goon. Lady goon walks in and says they are going. She scolds her aides for giving false information that the girl is in gurudwara and drives jeep away. Doppelganger walks out of hiding once goons leave and passes behind Angad. Someone greets satsriakal, and she replies. Angad hears her and recalls Sahiba replying satsriakal.

Angad returns home. Akeer asks him where did he take her mamma and when will she be back. Simran tries to calm him down, but he gets adamant that he needs only his mamma. Bebe tells Manveer that she thought Angad and Akeer’s distance will end over time, but with Sahiba’s demise, the distance has increased more. Manveer says Angad will do his best to clear the distance between them and soon a day will come when Akeer will accept Angad as his papa. Akeer forcefully takes Angad’s mobile and calls Sahiba, but finds her number switched off. Jasleen says his mamma will return after some time. Angad tells her that he needs to inform truth to Akeer and informs Akeer that his mamma will never return as she went to god’s house. Akeer asks gurudwara? Angad says god has another house in sky from where no one returns. Bebe also says his mamma will never return forever and has gone far away. Angad hugs Akeer. Akeer says he just needs his mamma, and if she can’t come, he will go to her. Angad asks him not to say that.

Akeer runs away from there. Prabjot says Akeer is a kid and doesn’t know what he is speaking. Gurleen says they can’t imagine kid’s pain when he realises that his mamma is dead. Bebe tells Angad that he has to forget everything and take care of Akeer. Manveer asks him to delete Sahiba’s phone number and remove all her memories from the house. Akeer searches for god’s house on internet. Angad cries holding Sahiba’s dupatta and asks why did she leave him. Doppelganger in modern clothes searches for a place to stay. Angad hopes he could bring back Sahiba. Manveer says he has to control herself and not weaken himself in Sahiba’s memories or else he will end up in a swamp from which he can never get out of, so he should erase Sahiba’s memories completely. Angad says it’s like disconnecting himself which he can’t.

Antiterrorism squad barges into Brar mansion and the officer demands to meet Angad. Garry says his brother is in deep sorrow and can’t meet them today as his wife died today. OFficer insists and orders team to seal the house. Garry goes and inform Angad about the same. Angad meets officer who says he is under arrest for performing antiterrorist activities and shows a purchase bill of buying bomb preparing material plutonium. Hansraj asks Angad if he wants to blast a hospital where Sahiba died. Manveer warns him to stop talking nonsense. Officer says plutonium is purchased from Angad’s credit card. Angad says his mobile and credit card are missing. Officer says IP address is traced to this house. Angad says he didn’t make any purchase. Officer says that means his family member purchased it and orders officer to arrest whole Brar family and seal Brar mansion.

Precap: Angad sees Sahiba’s doppelganger singing a song and walks to her. Doppelganger sings that she has changed her identity and when god wants to save her, how can death take her away. Agnad calls her Sahiba. She asks who?

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