Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 13th February 2021 Written Update

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 13th February 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 13th February 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Mahi stops her car on the floor. All uncles move aside. Mahi dances on Pallu latkay. Jogi looks at her. Mahi comes down. Jogi stands up thinking she’d take him on the floor. Mahi comes to Arjun instead and says come on stage. I won’t stop dancing. She takes him up. Jogi is shocked. Jogi looks at them dancing. He leaves in anger. Mahi makes him trip over a rope. She says can’t you see? Why did you run from the reception? I did what I said. What did you think? I am a girl I can’t do anything. He says I don’t have time for all this. She says you answer me all the time. Now do it. Say it.. Say it.. He shouts stop it. Do you ever think of anyone but yourself? Want to know why I left?

He drags Mahi to the stable and says Durga (cow) is in pain so I came back. It’s her delivery time and she’s in pain. Lado says where is he, doctor? Biji says yes you went to take the vet. He says they are all closed. I begged, I said I will pay but no one is ready to come. No one cares about animals here. The cow screams in pain. Biji cries and says she’s in so much pain. Lado says please save Durga. Please, I will call you mamu not Jogi. Jogi hugs her and says she’ll be fine. Jogi says I don’t know who will do her delivery. Mahi says I know someone who can. Jogi says who? I will bring them, pay them, I will beg them. Please tell me. She says you don’t need to pay them or bring them here. It’s you. You will do it. Mahi says she only needs love and support. You can give her that. You studied animal care. Go and do it.

Jogi gets in the stable. He says Durga, be strong. He lays her. They push her stomach. Mahi rubs her belly and says don’t give up. Jogi says push it Durga. Durga delivers the baby. Everyone is happy in ters. Jogi hugs Biji and Rupa. He hugs Mahi as well. Mahi shoves him. Mahi leaves in anger.

Scene 2
Mahi comes home. Seema is angry. She says where were you? Why is your body full of mud? Mahi says I am very tired. I will talk tomorrow. Seema says I was scared of the ghost. I thought you are a ghost as well. Seema says you must be tired. Go sleep. Mahi recalls Jogi hugging her. She says I should have run from there as well. He shouldn’t have been so free. I have to put a full stop here.

Scene 3
Arjun thinks about Mahi. He smiles.

Pappu does exercise in the morning. Gulshan calls him. He says I will expose you in front of your wife and SIL. Pappu says do you wanna die? Come and meet me.

Seema does breakfast. Seema says when you make me breakfast I don’t see any problem with you. Mahi says then eat more parathas.

Pappu and his friend beat Gulshan. Pappu says you thought you could blackmail me? His friend says stop he’d die. Pappu says say sorry. Gulshan spits on his face. He says you became brave by tying and beating me? open my hands and see who has more power. Pappu says if I fell for these words I won’t have been Pappu. Your hands are tied now I have to tie your tongue as well. Gulshan says I will expose you in front of your wife nd world first. Pappu takes out his gun. Gulshan says please don’t do this. Let me go, I won’t tell anyone. Please no. Pappu shoots him. Pappu laughs. He leaves.

Pappu comes out. His friend says Gulshan’s chapter is over. Now Mahi’s wedding. Pappu says sasu ma gave me the responsibility of her wedding.

Scene 4
Pappu feeds the calf milk. He says in your birth’s excitement I lost control. It was wrong. She got mad. I held her and she isn’t a glass that she broke. But she’s a girl, I should have been careful. Biji says Jogi Arora comes to the court. Jogi says what sin have I done? Lado says all criminals say the same. Biji says let’s start hearing. Lado says the first accusation is that he behaved with me that she got mad and left. The witnesses are Laxmi, Saraswati and Durga (the cows). Pappu says I got excited on Nandu’s birth. My intentions weren’t bad. Biji says the court only believes in proofs or witnesses. Do you have done? Lado says his silence is the proof that he has done the crime of making Mahi angry. He should be punished. Biji says keeping witnesses and proofs in mind, we give the verdict that Jogi is the culprit. He will go and apologize to Mahi. Jogi says I learned to fight with you. How do I apologize and become friends with you?

Episode ends.

Precap-Jogi says I so wanted to go to the temple. I will go to the temple. Mahi comes to the temple. Jogi is singing there. Mahi says it’s the same voice. She runs after the voice and comes to where Jogi is. She sees him singing.

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