Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 16th July 2021 Written Update

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 16th July 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 16th July 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Guru ji says a person who lives defeated life can’t find peace even in their mother’s lap. Jogi says sorry but you? Mahi says that’s Guru Harbhajan ji. You must have heard of him. He’s very famous. Many big singers learned from him. He is here to listen to you. If he agrees to teach you it will open so many doors for you. Rupa says Mahi come with me. Rupa says why don’t you get it? Why are you forcing him? Send him back. He doesn’t want to leanr. Mahi says he didn’t want to teach, he’s only here to listen. Rupa says he said he doesn’t want to sing. Mahi says he never wanted to wake up and work but he’s doing it all. We have to make him go forward. He’s just scared. We have to make him win over his fear. Let him decide.

Jogi says to Mahi come with me. He says what will you take to let me make my life normal? It was peaceful. I don’t want to sing. Why do you force it? Mahi says try once at least. He says don’t force me or I will create such a big drama in front of Guru ji. Ask him to leave.

Rupa gives tea to Guru ji and says Jogi doesn’t want to sing. He says I only want to see if Jogi is coal or diamond. I show people their path if they have talent. I only want to know if he actually has a talent that can make him fly. Which mother doesn’t want to see her son succeed? Biji says let me bring him. Jogi says I don’t want it. Mahi says just sing once. He says why? Mahi says you need him. We all need to work on ourselvess. A diamond needs to be polished. He can polish you, he can make your life. He can train and one would be able to taunt you. Don’t you want to prove those judges wrong? Jogi says I don’t wanna sing. I don’t have anything to prove. Mahi hugs him and says okay don’t do anything. Can you do it for your own happiness? You said singing gives you peace. Sing for your peace then? He says you make me do whatever you even if it hurts me. Mahi says am I doing all of this to hurt you? Our destination is the same. I want to make your life better. You saved my life and gave me the life I always wanted. I want to do the same for you. I want to give you the best life. You’re not getting it today but you will get it someday. Don’t let my efforts go in vain. Mahi hugs him. Jogi says okay. Mahi says let me tell him you’re ready. Jogi recalls how he was insulted.

Scene 2
Jogi sings. Renu hears. She says Guru ji is here. Shalu and everyone come there. Renu says Mahi brought Guru ji. Chanda asks who gave her Guru ji’s number? She shows her a knife. Shalu says I don’t know. Pappu puts a hand on Shalu. Shalu says Mahi came to meet Renu at night. I don’t know what they spoke about. Chanda says you gave her the number. Renu says she asked me I was confused.

Jogi says Mahi you never understand what I awnt. I only want peace. If he likes my voice you will all send me to auditions. I don’t want that. I will sing the way he won’t train me.

Scene 3
Chanda stabs a knife around Renu’s hand on the table. Renu cries and says what are you doing. If I said no she would realize and our plan would fail. Pappu says she’s right we have to do this drama of being nice. Shalu takes Renu to the room.

Scene 4
Rupa says so people come to our house and you don’t even ask before bringing them in. Mahi says no elders blessings are needed. Rupa says but you didn’t ask anyone. Mahi says I asked Biji. Rupa says so my opinion doesn’t matter. Mahi says no I got this idea from you. Whatever happens in this house will be because of you. I want to thank you. You gave me this idea. Rupa says you know how to go round and round. Jogi says I am ready to sing.

Jogi sits with Guru ji. He says learn to respect singing. Guru ji asks him to sing. Jogi sings really bad and burps. Mahi drops the glasses. Guru ji says it’s okay. Start again. Mahi says he can’t annoy Guru ji. Jogi sings very bad. Guru ji is angry. His phone rings. Jogi leaves. Mahi says sorry Guru ji. He’s childish. Please forgive him. He says I know how to grow up people like him. He tells her the plan. Mahi smiles. Mahi says you are the real teacher.

Episode ends.

Precap-Jogi sings with Guru ji. He says you have an amazing voice. Do you want to learn to sing? I will wait for your answer. Guru ji is leaving. Mahi asks where are you going? He says Jogi didn’t answer me. Mahi says I will convince him. He says only till 12, after that, I will leave.

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