Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 20th February 2021 Written Update

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 20th February 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 20th February 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Jogi says I love you Mahi. Mahi hugs him and says I love you too. He is imagining all this. Rupa and Biji come in. Rupa says what is wrong with him. Biji says this happens when you fall in love. Lado says Jogi you look like a cartoon. He says Mahi might like cartoons. Lado says it’s 8. He says your watch is one hour ahead. She says no it’s correct. Jogi says why didn’t she come? Rupa says get it. He says yeah I should gp to pick her. Give me blessings. Biji says good luck. Jogi leaves.

Seema brings Mahi outside and says what do you have to think about? Say yes already. Don’t do these dramas. Babu ji has tied my hands. Otherwise, I would make you say yes that very moment. Dadu says Seema.. Mahi says before giving me so much pressure recall that I am your daughter. It’s about my life. How can I decide in a day? If a guy is rich, I have no choice? Seema says don’t teach me moral science. Mahi says I am not. I have met him only once, how can I decide for my life? I know nothing more than that the’s dadu’s friend’s grandson. I know nothing about him, his views, opinions, way of life. Money doesn’t matter to me. The guy does and until I have the answer to these questions I won’t say yes.

Arjun comes in and says I am here to answer. Seema says welcome in. We were gonna give you good news. He says it’s okay. See says he is so good. Arjun asys I want to speak to Mahi in person. He says sure.

Scene 2
Rupa says I have to show you something Biji. She pours water and mixes oil in it. Biji says are you crazy? She says yes even if time changes, oil, and water can’t ever be one. The man who isn’t tolerating us in his neighborhood, how will he tolerate us in his house? Biji says God will. God will make the couple of Mahi and Jogi, not Pappu. She says this is sugar and water. This is who they are. They will mix like this sweet liquid. No one can stand in front of love. Rupa leaves. Biji prays for Jogi and Mahi.

Scene 3
Arjun says this stranger got to know one more thing about you. Mahi can take everyone’s class. She laughs. Seema says she’s so funny. They are listening. Mahi says don’t get me wrong. This all happened so fast. I wanted to ask one thing.. You don’t know me at all why did you say yes to this proposal? He says sorry that day at the temple, I lied I come on all Tuesday. I only came to see you. Your simplicity and personality have attracted me so much. I thought it takes time to like someone but all formulas in life changed since I saw you. I couldn’t understand but dadu did. That’s why he came with this proposal. I know it takes time to decide. But seeing you I was sure. You have the right to take your time to decide. I am here to tell you about my bad side. Other people might have told you all good things. I am a cleanliness freak. I get angry but I have never hit anyone. I don’t remember the names of relatives. I don’t tolerate lies and I am very straightforward. Sometimes I drink a little. In 12th standard, I had a gf who dumped me. I will make a list of the rest and text you. I like you but that doesn’t mean you have to like me as wlel. I said yes but that doesn’t mean you have to say yes as well. I will decide whatever you like. But I will be happy if you say yes. But you only think about yourself and then decide. I should go now. He leaves.

Dadu sits with Mahi. He says I used to get mad at your mom for pressurizing you. But seeing Arjun even I want to tell you to say yes. He’s a very good guy. He is the kind of guy you always wanted. Mahi says I am sure. Everyone comes in dancing. Seema says she said ys. They dance around Mahi. Mahi is still confused and lost. Dadu calls Rai and tells him Mahi said yes. He says I am so happy. I will come tomorrow and do the roka. You also do Arjun’s roka. Dadu says okay guy’s dadu. Rai says I am Mahi’s dadu now. Arjun comes home. Rai says congratulations. Mahi said. yes. He hugs Arjun.

Dadu says saying yes to Arjun you have given me the biggest happiness in my life. Jogi is standing at the door. He’s shocked. The song jag sona sona plays. The anklet falls from his hands. He picks its pieces. Dadu gives blessings to Mahi. She doesn’t feel good. Akash and the entire family dance around her. Mahi looks at the door. Jogi walks upset on the road. He recalls his moments with Mahi. He comes home. He says you cross all the signals and come straight to my heart. I should stop talking about you. I should move ahead. Nothing matched between us. Neither our dreams. Jogi says when we met first, I felt like we had some connection. I lost in this love competition. Jogi Mahi sounded good. He’s teary. He says it’s okay. Mahi and Arjun became a couple. I still want to talk about her, imagine living my life with her. Let it go. I won’t talk about her. Rupa comes there.

Episode ends.

Precap-Dadu says Rai and Arjun are coming tomorrow to do the roka. Shalu tells Pappu Mahi is getting married to the minister’s grandson, Arjun. He’s shocked. Seema calls Jogi and says Mahi won’t come to take mi;k today. Drop 6 liters of milk. It’s Mahi’s roka today.

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