Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 9th July 2021 Written Update

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 9th July 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 9th July 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Jogi and Pankaj try to find out who has Mc21. Pankaj says it’s with Nandulal’s son. He does race in it. Jogi says I will give it a break. They leave. Renu says hello.. come join us. Jogi says why not? Pankaj says we have to go. Mahi says where are you going at this time? He says for the audition. Mahi says I will also go. He says you should enjoy yourself with your family. Pankaj says I am here. Don’t worry. Mahi says what’s this wheelchair for? HE says Pankaj dadi always said not to keep a wheelchair in the house. It reminds me of that pain. Mahi says be careful and all the best. He leaves. Chanda says why did you send them there? Pappu says we have to bring them closer.

Scene 2
Pankaj dresses as a policeman. Jogi says when they come on the road I will go in my wheelchair. When they hit me you will come there and charge them for hitting a handicapped man. Pankaj says I am scared. Jogi says don’t be scared of them, scare them. Make them run away. Pankaj says what if you get injured? Jogi says I can die for her.

Mahi says it’s 5. Why is Jogi not back? Priya says let me call Pankaj. Pankaj says there’s a long queue here. It will take time. Mahi says they are lying. He can’t wait for so long. He’s like a kid. Mahi tracks his location and says they are at the bypass. We have to go there.

Scene 3
The guy gets ready with his car and friends. They drink. A real policeman sees Pankaj. The race starts. Pankaj says I am the inspector of this area. Go to your position. Jogi sits in the wheelchair. He waits for the cars to come. The cars come towards him but someone shoves him before that. It’s Mahi on the bike. Jogi is shocked. Mahi says Pankaj you.. Priya says why are you wearing this? Mahi says to Jogi you can never change. She leaves in anger. Jogi picks her. Mahi is angry. She says leave. What were you doing? He says surprise for you. Mahi says if you’re hiding something it might not be wrong. Mahi says tell me what is it? He says you’re the reason for me to live. He comes close to her. Mahi smiles.

Scene 4
Jogi wakes up on alarm. Mahi wakes up. He says I woke up before you. Mahi isn’t talking to him. Mahi says what were you doing there? You missed the audition. He says I was there for some surprise. Mahi says let me ask Pankaj. They don’t pick up. Mahi says she will pick it up.

Priya doesn’t let Pankaj come in anger. He says please tell me what to do to make you happy. She says bring your bag. She says pack your clothes now. Pankaj tells her everything. Priya says what? Are you both crazy. Let me tell Mahi. Pankaj says he’s doing this for Mahi. Please don’t tell her. Mahi calls her. Priya says it’s very shocking. Pankaj has stuck his mouth. Pankaj says thank you.

Mahi says to Rupa will you go with me to distribute milk? Rupa says is he sleeping? Jogi says I am ready. Let’s go. Mahi says I am not going. He says she’s so cruel. she’s making my mom work. Mahi says not funny. Rupa says I am going with Biji. Both of you stay here. They leave. Mahi says I made something special for you. But first, answer my questions. Mahi asks where did you go? He says bypass. Mahi gives him lassi. Mahi says what did you go there for? he’s silent. Mahi says then your punishment. He says why is lassi green? She says it’s bitter guard juice. Jogi says I will get black blood with this. Answer or drink this. Jogi drinks it. Mahi says third question why did you miss the audition? He says I want to give you a surprise. Mahi says are you still planning something? He says please sit here. Let me do the chores.

Mahi gets ready in a red saree. The song hansi ban gaye plays. Mahi dances around Jogi. Mahi asks Jogi again he says no. Mahi shoves him and says until you tell you will be locked here. He sleeps. Mahi says you’re a lazy bum. You can stay on this bed all your life. Tell me, please. He says I can’t give an audition. Mahi says but why? Mahi sits with him. He says it’s our world. Then why are we hiding things from each other? Tell me. He says I am not made for all this. Mahi says you like it when people comment. Imagine when big singers producers will appreciate you. He says I will. Mahi says then go for auditions? Promise me you will go for all of them. He says okay promise. Mahi says you are so talented. He says when you come close does your heart beat faster? I feel the same. My stomach hurts.

Jogi locks himself in the washroom. Mahi says open the door. I will break it. You are hiding something from me. Mahi comes in and falls in his arms. Mahi shoves him and goes out. Jogi holds Mahi’s hand and pulls her closer. Jogi sings for her and dances with her on chodwi ka chand. Mahi says you only know how to sing. He says I am a singer, who else would sing. There’s something else I can do well. Mahi says what? He says loving my wife. He kisses her. Rupa and Biji come in. They cough. Mahi says I fell.. They laugh. Rupa says go out see the gift we brought for you. Mahi comes out. Mahi sees her Mc21. She’s shocked and happy.

Episode ends.

Precap-Mahi says Jogi needs your blessings too. Drumrolls company is launching new singers. Jogi is going for auditions. Chanda says time to make them sad. Pappu says let’s start.

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