Titli 17th September 2023 Written Update

Titli 17th September 2023 Written Update by Amena

Titli 17th September 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Titli praying. She gets Megha’s call. Garv comes and asks why did you call me. Titli says I had to talk to you, I know its imp for us to understand each other. She says we should meet the psychiatrist. He says I have a problem, I won’t go there. She says I will keep telling this, when will you leave your adamancy. He says you can’t clear this mess. He goes. Alpa comes to Maina and says you have become my fav, I have become my friend’s fav. Maina says I can’t tolerate if anyone takes an advantage of me. Alpa says I m not doing that, its okay. Chintu meets Dhara and asks why are you not replying my messages. She goes. The guys see her and joke on her heavy weight. Dhara gets angry. Chintu says you are bodyshaming a girl, you should be ashamed. The guy asks will you make her your GF, tell me. Chintu says yes, Dhara is perfect for me, you losers won’t understand this. Titli cleans the temple grill. Pandit says its tough, let it be. She says I have to do it. He says I think your mannat is big.

Garv sees Koel. He says I was thinking to go and have your fav icecream today. Koel says you have spoken to me badly, so you don’t like it, its enough if you hug me with love. He hugs her and says sorry. Maina looks on. Koel says I m sorry. Garv says my day went well, don’t worry, where is Titli. Koel says she didn’t come home till now. Maina says she doesn’t like to tell us anything. He says but I met her at temple. He thinks is she still at the temple. He goes. Koel says Titli makes him dance. Titl gets dizzy and falls. Garv comes and holds her. He asks what are you doing. Pandit says she isn’t listening, she cleaned the entire temple. Garv calls her stubborn. She asks will you listen to me. She says I got married to you, because I m more stubborn. He laughs. She asks him to lift her and take her home. He lifts her. She says amazing, you don’t listen to me always. They leave. Megha sees Garv’s pic.

She gets Titli’s message… I have convinced my husband. Megha says Garv you are coming to meet me, can’t wait to see you. At the hospital, Titli and Garv take Megha’s appointment. Nurse says you wait outside, just Garv can go inside. Garv asks why. Titli asks him to go, tell the problems to the doctor and not get angry.

She prays. Garv enters the cabin and waits for Megha. Titli hears someone singing a bhajan and goes to see. Manikant is with a doctor. Titli doesn’t see him. Garv asks how much time more. Megha looks at him from the other side of the window. She asks nurse to stop Garv. Garv says I m leaving, she is wasting my time. Nurse says sorry, madam will come, please wait.

Titli says I came to find the person singing. Ward boy says he is strange, just his voice is good. The doctor gives the transfer form of that guy. The guy sits singing. Titli leaves. Megha comes to meet Garv. She asks him to break the plate and vent his anger. Garv says you need the treatment, not me. She says maybe, I won’t be hesitant to go a doctor for my treatment, I follow my own mind, not anyone else. He throws the plate. She jokes on him. He breaks the plates. She also breaks some plates. She asks are you feeling better now. Garv says you are sick, I m sure. She provokes him more and says your wife takes your calls, she decides everything for you, it would be frustrating right, some women are so stubborn and senseless. He says shut up and stay in limits, think before saying anything about my wife.

Manikant scolds Titli. Titli says anger is not less than any illness. Dhara says Titli is not wrong, Garv is wrong, he had raised hand on Titli.

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