Tu Aashiqui 5th October 2018 Written Update

Tu Aashiqui 5th October 2018 Written Update by H Hasan

Tu Aashiqui 5th October 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pankti telling that they gave marriage gift to Rangoli and asking receipt. She says we made her face of JMD. Manav says when your heart became big. Aparna says you shouldn’t take anything from them, it is against your self respect. Vikram asks Aparna to come to side and tells her something. Aparna says now I understood, why Rangoli has accepted this offer as she feels that even our shares are there in JMD and until everything is settled, nobody shall trouble my bahu. Randhir says threatening me inmy house. Aparna asks everyone to come to temple and tells that she has kept some puja there. Kiara says without Ahaan. Aparna says she talked to Ahaan already. Pankti tells Randhir that Vikram told something to Aparna which changed her words, and says we shall see the contract documents.

Ahaan tells Monty that he is returning home. Monty says for whom and says Pankti is there. Ahaan says I am away from my family too. Monty asks him to attend the concert and come. Ahaan says ok.

Randhir asks Rangoli not to become his Bebe and says I am your father. Rangoli says I am Rangoli Rai, it seems you don’t know me. Randhir says even I feel the same and asks what did she cook? He says you made the paper fell down and asks what is her motive? He asks her to tell the truth or give him papers. He gives 12 hours. Pankti comes and asks shall I make coffee for you. Randhir says yes. Aparna, Kiara and Richa are in the car and wait for Rangoli. Vikram asks Rangoli what did Randhir say? Rangoli says he gave me 12 hours time. Vikram says I can change the game and gives poison bottle, says may be his coffee will be his last. Pankti is making coffee, gets a call and goes. Rangoli comes to kitchen and asks Servant to give water. Pankti talks to Purva and asks her to ask Monty to keep Ahaan away from there. Purva says ok. Vikram signs Pankti. Rangoli serves the coffee in the cup and asks Servant to give to Randhir. Servant gives it to Randhir. Pankti comes and stops him from drinking coffee. She shows poison bottle which she found in the kitchen. Randhir gets angry when Servant says Rangoli made coffee. Rangoli tries to run, but Randhir catches her and asks if she added poison. Vikram says where is Rangoli? Manav says I will check and comes inside.

Rangoli says she added poison in his coffee. Randhir asks if she has gone mad. Rangoli says she will do what she thinks right and says she has transferred everything on her name. She calls her blo*dy desi chaap Randhir. Randhir tries to slap her and asks her not to forget that he is her father. Vikram comes and claps, says so Rangoli is your daughter. Randhir says this chudail is my mistake who wants to kill me. He says I came here as she wanted Ahaan and tells everything. He tells that Rangoli asked him to make Pankti as his rakhni. He says I made Pankti as my rakhni for her happiness and she tried to kill me. Rangoli tries to escape. She sits in car and calls Ahaan. She tells him that Randhir and Pankti have made his family hostage and asks him not to pick anyone’s call, but come to her.

Kiara hugs and apologizes to Pankti. Manav thanks her. Pankti says we shall contact Ahaan. Manav asks her not to worry. Aparna asks her to go and handle Randhir. Randhir packs his clothes and says he is going to Delhi. He says we will make a new start. He says I came here to make my daughter’s enemy as my Rakhni, but daughter became enemy and I started loving my rakhni. He thinks he won’t let her contract in someone else name. Pankti is shocked. Randhir says didn’t you like my proposal. Pankti says she don’t know how to react. Randhir says we will do bhangra and express our love. He says I got my princess and queen. Pankti cries. Randhir says even Rani got Raja today and says we will celebrate in Delhi.

Richa takes Vikram to room and asks why did you over react. He says you gave everything to Pankti and says she is Rakhni. Vikram says she will marry Ahaan. Richa asks if she thinks Pankti will stay quiet and Randhir will go back. Vikram asks her to calm down and sit. He says if we are saved then because of pankti. He says this is the time to support her. Pankti says I am your Rakhni and will come with us wherever you ask me. Randhir says I want to make you my lover.

Pankti gets worried for Ahaan. Purva says uday will make us talk to ahaan. Anita asks them to tell the truth and says she will take Pankti to Randhir. Pankti refuses to go. Purva informs her that pankti is the new owner of JMD.

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