Tu Mera Hero 31st August 2015 Written Update

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Tu Mera Hero 31st August 2015 Written Update by Amena

Tu Mera Hero 31st August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Govind saying now they will just go and refuse to Sudheer. He says I can’t ruin my daughter’s life. Surekha says this marriage won’t happen. Pinky comes and says it will happen. She cries and says this marriage will happen. Govind asks what is she saying, is she in her senses, does she want to ruin her life. She says she is a daughter and its her duty to fulfill Rekha’s dreams. She says Rekha will die, if I sit at home. She says Rekha will be hurt if this relation breaks, everyone will raise finger on Rekha’s upbringing. Govind says don’t think so, children are special for parents your happiness is valuable to Rekha, let me talk to her.

Pinky stops him and says her fate is decided, maybe Sudheer change and give me happiness. Titu says no, you are just being emotional and taking wrong step. Pinky says no, I have to do this right, else Sudheer will trouble some other girl, no one will try to break this relation. She asks for Govind’s promise. Titu asks whats all this. Govind promises Pinky and says a daughter is asking a promise. Pinky takes his blessings. He asks when did she grow up. Titu says fine, dad got helpless, but I can’t, I have made you tie rakhi to protect you, its my duty, I will fight till my last breath, you do what you want.

The marriage function starts. Golu starts video recording. Sudheer comes there as the groom. Rekha does his aarti. Sudheer sits in the mandap. Pinky gets dressed as the bride. Keshav, Mukund and Titu talk to her. They get emotional and hug her. They take her to the mandap. Panchi prays for Pinky’s safety and happiness. Sudheer thinks Titu and Panchi should not do any acting in final moment. Pinky comes there. Sudheer gets happy seeing her.

Panchi tells Lord not to give anything wrong with Pinky, else Titu can’t forgive himself, everyone will get sad. She prays in the temple. Pinky steps on the electricity wire and gets electrocuted. They all get shocked. Rekha asks what happened to her. Panchi hears them and rushes to see. Govind asks Golu to shut main switch. Pinky falls down. They all get shocked and cry. Titu asks them to call doctor.

They rush her to city hospital. Rekha cries. Bhagwati pacifies her. Rekha prays for Pinky. Surekha asks Rekha to pray. She asks them to ask about Govind, he got hurt, its good Golu is at home. Vaishaili and Panchi think they did not think Sudheer is like this. She prays for Pinky. She gets some idea and thinks something. The doctor tells that Pinky had internal injuries. Sudheer asks what. The doctor says Pinky’s lower body is paralyzed. Keshav asks is this temporary, can she walk after she gets well. The doctor says chances are less, or maybe she can stay same all her life. They all get shocked. Sudheer’s mum tells him that its big problem. Sudheer says yes, they were joking till yesterday, now its serious. Titu asks Surekha to sign on the form as Pinky’s guardian.

Surekha says no, Sudheer will sign, as we have given Pinky to him by their heart, he is Pinky’s husband. Rekha says marriage did not happen. Titu says so what, marriage will happen right now. She asks Sudheer to fill sindoor in Pinky’s maang. Titu says it will be shagun, Lord will make a new bride fine soon. Rekha says Titu is right. Sudheer says its weak moment, how can this marriage happen. Surekha says this is right time, it will be true relation for lifetime. Vaishaili gets sindoor and gives them. They all request Sudheer to fill sindoor in Pinky’s maang. The doctor says we have less time. Sudheer says doctor won’t allow marriage in operation theatre. The doctor says I m proud of you, that you are doing big work.

They all go inside to see Pinky. Surekha asks Sudheer to fill sindoor, Pinky will be fine by your love. Sudheer forwards hand to touch Pinky and Titu holds his hand, signing no.

Surekha asks Sudheer to fill sindoor. Sudheer says don’t force me to marry Pinky. Surekha slaps him.

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    sudheer ki to chutti ho gayi ab utar gaya pyaar ka bhoot.Nice trick agrawals .love it

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