Tu Mera Hero 31st October 2015 Written Update

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Tu Mera Hero 31st October 2015 Written Update by Amena

Tu Mera Hero 31st October 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Titu saying Panchi its him. She says you stole my husband’s face. Hero tells Juhi that he is not Titu. Juhi asks does she look mad, and gets angry. Titu holds Panchi and asks him to identify him. Hero holds Juhi and says listen to me, I m Hero, I came to get password from you and fell in love with you, I did not touch Panchi even my mistake, but I m attracted to you. Titu asks Panchi to feel his heartbeat and she hugs him. She says Titu, where did you go. Titu says Hero is also at home. Hero says I have changed now and don’t want password. Titu says but I want password. Panchi and Juhi get shocked seeing Titu and Hero.

Hero tells them everything. Titu asks Juhi to tell password, so that they can tell Panchi’s dad. Hero says I will run away with Juhi, and asks her will she come with him. Juhi says Jai Shri Ram. Hero says she is taking Lord’s name before password. Juhi says the old man told this in my ear. Panchi asks is password hidden in this. Juhi says no, its not password, he gave me something. She brings her bags and shows the diamonds. They all get shocked. Juhi says he gave me this.

Titu says it means that safe is empty whose passwords they want. She says she has hidden these diamonds and wanted to run away to make my and my sister’s lives better. She says I was also cheating, but not now, I did not know Titu will fall in big problem. She says she will give these diamonds to police. Titu asks Panchi to tell family everything, Hero and I will take the diamonds to right place, Gulshan knows I escaped so he will be after me. Panchi and Juhi leave. Titu asks Hero to come, they will hide it. They hear someone screaming.

Gulshan ties all the family members, Panchi and Juhi. Titu and Hero come there. The family gets shocked seeing two Titu. Gulshan says when we came to know Titu and Hero are missing, we understand you both became friends. He says we want password, else you all will die. Juhi says leave them, there is no password, the old man has given me diamonds, take the diamonds and leave them. Rekha says we did not know this. Gulshan laughs and asks Juhi to give diamonds, and promises he won’t harm anyone.

Titu signs Hero and Panchi. Panchi says I know where are diamonds. She says Titu has it. Pinky comes there. Govind signs her to hide and thinks Pinky can help us. Gulshan asks Titu to give diamonds. Govind says Pinky is hiding there, but Panchi is not seeing us. They all start sneezing. Govind wishes Panchi understands their sign, Pinky can help them.Panchi sees Pinky. Titu says I m Hero, he is Titu. Hero says I m not Titu. They confuse Gulshan. Gulshan asks them to shut up. He says tell me who is Titu, else I will shoot Surekha.. Govind says right one. Surekha says no left. Titu accepts he is Titu to save Surekha. Gulshan and his goons laugh. Titu signs Panchi and says I have diamonds. Gulshan says give me diamonds. Titu says fine, leave my family first. Gulshan asks why. You are not in position to keep condition. Titu says I want guarantee. Gulshan says fine and frees family, but not Panchi and Juhi. He asks Titu not to act clever.

Titu shows the diamonds and says now we have to give the diamonds to them Hero. Hero asks him whats the price of one diamond. Titu says 50 lakhs each. They all get shocked. Titu shows the diamonds to Gulshan’s goons.

Titu makes Gulshan angry and throws the diamonds on the floor to make Gulshan’s goons go against Gulshan.

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