Tu Suraj Main Saanjh Piyaaji 19th August 2017 Written Update

Tu Suraj Main Saanjh Piyaaji 19th August 2017 Written Update by MA

Tu Suraj Main Saanjh Piyaaji 19th August 2017 Written Episode

Bhabo emotionally hugs Kanak. They both cry. Whole family gets emotional. Kanak says she feels as if she is seeing a dream. Whole family each other. Jhoke jhoke…song…plays in the background. Bhabho holds Kanak’s hand and walks into Kanak Misthan Bhandar. Kanak lights lamp in front of god’s photo. Bhabho looks at Sooraj and Sandhya’s portrait. Kanak cries hugging portrait. Bhabho says she wants to taste Kanak’s prepared sweet and asks if she will. Kanak says yes hugging her and calls Ved and Vansh to kitchen.

Kanak prepares jalebis and serves them to Bhabho. Bhabho holds jalebi and looks at Kanak. She says single strand sugar syrup jalebi was Kanak Misthan Bhandar’s speciality years ago, she feels as if Suraj prepared it. Babasa snatches jalebi and
bites it and says he feels as if Sooraj got a rebirth as Kanak and he feels in heaven biting jalebis. Bhabho scolds him not to say that. Kanak asks Bhabho if she can fed hher jalebis. Babasa say neki aur puch puch and asks to go ahead. Kanak feeds her. Whole family enjoys jalebis.

Bhabho sees Meena thinking something and asks what happened now. Meena says she got angry seeing property papers in Kanak’s name and broke things, then what happened suddenly. Bhabho says she is angry on Kanak even now, but someone came and told her whole story. She reminisces Maasi entering shop while she was breaking things and says she is powerful even now. Bhabho says shop is closed now. Maasi says for this shop, her beendni/Kanak made them run all over. Uma enters. Maasi introduces herself as Uma’s Maasi, but he respects her like a mother. Uma tells her whole story what Kanak sacrificed to get this shop back and for her this shop is everything. Kanak asks if they did not say anything else. Ved says Uma forcefully married Kanak and locked her in a room for 1 month. Family gets angry hearing that. Bhabo says he told everything and reminisces Uma telling Kanak cleared kshat patni dharm tests to get this shop. Maasi says for this shop. Bhabho tells Kanak that they seem from a good family and continues her flashback.

Precap: Maasi tells Kanak that she will not leave her at her parent’s house, it is not a kid’s game. Bhabho says Kanak’s happiness is most important to her, so Maasi should break this relationship right here.

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