Tum Aise Hi Rehna 30th March 2015 Written Update

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Tum Aise Hi Rehna 30th March 2015 Written Update by MA

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 30th March 2015 Written Episode

Nisha tells Ria that Kapoor killed his clients’ family before also. He uses Russian poison to kill the person so that no trace is found. Ria asks her to help her. Nisha asks her to help her against Kapoor. Ria says she can’t trust anybody now. Nisha says she is anti terrorist squad, and is tracking kapoor’s case since long. Ria asks how can I help you? Nisha says you can get evidence against him. Ria says he is from terrorist organisation and is very dangerous. Nisha says you are in trouble now also. She says it is a matter of nation’s security. Ria says you are right. I can understand that I can’t put the nations life in danger because of my family. Nisha asks Ria to apologize to Kapoor and gets everything back to normal, so that he gets over confident. Ria says it will ruin him. Nisha says she needs Abhi’s support. Ria comes out of car and sees Abhi standing. Abhi says he heard everything.

Nisha comes out of car. Abhi says he is ready and shakes hand. Nisha says she is anti terrorist squad. Abhi introduces himself. Nisha tells Abhi that you can’t tell anything to your family. Ria tells that Kapoor threatened them that if they doesn’t bring Anushka then he will kill their family. Nisha opens the car decky and shows Anushka there. She tells that she kidnapped her for enquiry. Abhi and Ria take her out of the car. Nisha asks them to make story and tell her something. Ria brings water. Abhi tells Ria that Anushka should think that she was attack. Abhi sprinkles water on Anushka. She wakes up. Abhi tells her fake story that she was kidnapped and they rescued her. Anushka asks where we are now? Abhi tells that we are in Jaipur. Anushka looks at the hospital board. Ria asks her to come home.

Kapoor counts the countdown. Abhi and Ria come home. Sheetal opens the door. Everyone look at them tensedly. Dadisaa asks them to come inside. Abhi enters home with Ria and Anushka. Kapoor hugs Abhi and says I will wait for you till the kayamath. I thought you will come late. He asks Anushka, where did you go? He hurts her and pulls her hairs. He then asks her to smile. Anushka smiles. He tells everyone that whenever his wife is not around then it seems everything came to an end. He tells poetry. He then gets a phone call and gets angry. He asks the other person to do the arrangement as he said. Kailash asks what happened. Kapoor says he asked his staff to book Maharaja suite, but they are all losers. Dadisaa thinks he talked sweetly with us, but he is talking so rudely with his employees. He seems to be strange.

Kapoor tells Abhi that he wants to stay in Maharaja Palace, but he is not getting the room. Abhi understands that he wants to stay in his house. Kailash and Rukmani ask them to stay in their house. Abhi says you can’t stay here. Ria stops Abhi. Abhi says our resort is so big, he can stay there and understand the work. Rukmani says we can’t leave him there. He will stay here. Kapoor says it seems you are still angry with me. Abhi says I don’t want to have any relation with you, then what you are doing here. Rukmani asks Abhi to stop and says you have become blinded in your wife’s love. Abhi tries to speak, but she cuts his talk. She says I know everything. She taunts Ria. Ria tries to explain, but Rukmani doesn’t listen and goes on blaming Abhi and Ria. She tells that Ria has forgotten her values and says Kapoor will stay with them.

Ria tells Abhi that Kapoor doesn’t know that they know his truth. She says we have to be careful. Kapoor says yes.. .

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