TV Celebs and their classic love for Navratri!

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It is that time of the year where people can groove on the beats of classic folklores’ and Hindi dance numbers as well. Yes it is Navratri where everyone can flaunt themselves in their ethnic attire. We got in touch with a few television actors who are too much attached to the festival. Read on to know more about these pretty ladies talking about their love and inclination towards the festival.

Chandni Bhagwanani who is seen as Anjali in Channel V’s Jhalli Anjali Ke Tootey Dil Ki Amazing Story – Navratri is my favorite festival and yes I do get Garba at home and fast for nine days. On Ashtami, we have a special Puja where we call in nine girls and one boy for lunch. Only once they have their food, we eat. I am extremely excited for Navratri but since I am shooting in Delhi, there is no Navratri here. I am still following the fast and rituals but I will not be able to play Garba.

I have cherished a lot of memories. Since I have grown up and my parents have started sending me alone when I was in standard 5, almost 25-30 people from our school used to come together in this very famous ground called KoraKendra and all of us used to play Garba and Dandiya. It used to be very exciting and so much of fun. I am missing Mumbai, Navratri and Garba so badly this time.

When I was doing Amita Ka Amit for Sony TV, at the same ground I was called as a chief guest and all my friends were wooing and cheering for me. That was like the greatest moment for me. Earlier I used to wave to the actors who used to come and this time it were people waving at me – that was just epic!

Vrinda Dawda who was last seen doing a cameo in Bindaas’ Yeh Hai Aashiqui
The nine days of Navratri are just awesome. I’m always excited for this festival especially because I love Garba and Dandiya. I love this festival a lot. Those nine days are the best. As a kid I have got many prices during the competition that were held during these nine days. I miss dressing up in proper traditional clothes and getting prices. But it’s okay, I still have fun (chuckles).

Ami Trivedi who is seen in SAB TV’s Tu Mere Agal Bagal
I really enjoy playing Navratri a lot. This is a very special Navratri because my son Aayu will dress up and enjoy the festival. I have got him a lovely red color Kurta and Dhoti. Navratri is going to be a great party because with Aayu donning up the typical Navratri look, it is even more special for me. I do not have the ethnic Chaniya Choli but yes I really love the one with Abla which is the specialty of Ahmedabad. I actually love to go for Navratri dressed up properly in the ethnic attire. I just do not get the feel of Navratri if I am not dressed. It is otherwise just like dancing at a party on folk songs. Nowadays sadly all the Gujarati folklores are fading and Hindi songs are being played or sung. But personally, I love our Gujarati folklores specially Odhni Ude, Tari Aankhno afimi and all other songs. Of course, Falguni Pathak is the queen of Dandiya but I avoid visit there because it is too crowded.

We also get home the Garbo and follow all the Puja and rituals for all nine days of the festival. I make sure I attend the Aarti for all nine days in the morning as well as in the evening.

Giaa Manek who was seen in SAB TV’s Jeannie Aur Juju
Before shifting to where I live today, I used to live at a place where there was a nice club house. All of us used to organize Navratri there. As a kid, I was the first one to enter the club house and the last to come out (chuckles). I would enjoy dancing tirelessly then. At the end they would announce the winners’ and among the females I would be the one winning best dancer every year.

I am very excited for this Navratri too. After long I got a chance to decorate the Navratri Kalash (Garbo) myself. I am also going to be making prasad for the evening Aarti today. Besides I will be travelling to a few places for appearances which will give me a chance to interact with my fans live. So yes, I am totally pepped and excited too up for this festival.

We wish all our readers a Happy Navratri.

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