Udaan 13th June 2019 Written Update

Udaan 13th June 2019 Written Update by Amena

Udaan 13th June 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anjor getting delighted seeing some kids in fancy costumes. Chakor comes and says we are doing a play, I m not a Santa, not a Sadhu, we have Ram, Laxman and Hanuman for the play but not Sita, will you become Sita. Anjor says yes. Chakor sees Bua busy on call. She asks Anjor to wear the red saree if she wants to become Sita. Chakor makes Anjor wear the saree. She takes her saying you will get chocolates and toys. Bua looks for Anjor. Ranvijay says you couldn’t look after her. He tells the clients that he will come soon, then they will have breakfast together. Chakor takes Anjor by hiding her. Anjor says I can’t come along. Chakor says you will get many chocolates and toys. Anjor agrees. Ranvijay comes there.

Anjor’s veil flies off. Ranvijay sees her. Anjor says you found

me, did you come to take me. Ranvijay nods. He angrily stares at Chakor and removes the fake beard. Anjor worries. Ranvijay scolds Chakor. The goon faints Chakor. Anjor asks what happened to her. Ranvijay says she is fine, come with me. Bua scolds Anjor at home. Bua raises hand. Ranvijay stops her. Anjor hides behind him. He says don’t beat her, she is a golden bird, explain her with her. He explains Anjor with love. Ranvijay goes to meet the clients and sells off Anjor. He takes the money. Anjor vomits. The man says she looks unwell. Ranvijay says she is fine, the weather is bad.
Anjor falls sick. Chakor is unconscious. She gets up. She sees the temple and prays for Anjor’s safety. The doctor checks Anjor. Chakor sees the diya and burns the ropes. Anjor gets conscious. Jaya and Manoj look on. Doctor says there is nothing to worry, Anjor is pregnant, she will be fine. Ranvijay asks how can this happen. Doctor says don’t worry, everything will be fine. She goes.

Ranvijay asks the clients not to worry, they can deal with this problem. The client says we are not stone hearted, we have some ethics, we can’t do this deal, sorry. They leave. Bua says now Anjor is useless for us. Anjor asks what happened, why are you so angry, have chocolate. Ranvijay slaps her. She shouts why did you beat me, you are bad uncle. Jaya stops Ranvijay and says leave her, she is pregnant. Ranvijay goes. Chakor gets free.

Lawyer says Chakor has all rights on her daughter ranvijay calls Anjor. Anjor comes downstairs. Chakor gets shocked seeing her in bridal wear. Ranvijay asks won’t you bless my newly wedded wife Anjor. Chakor gets shocked.

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