Udaan 18th June 2019 Written Update

Udaan 18th June 2019 Written Update by Amena

Udaan 18th June 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ranvijay fooling Anjor and blind folding her. He tells her about a game. He sees Chakor and scares her by taking Anjor towards the balcony end. Chakor worries for Anjor and shouts. Ranvijay holds Anjor’s hand. Anjor shouts. Chakor says she is pregnant, don’t leave her hand, don’t scare her. Ranvijay signs her to go. Chakor says fine, I will go away, don’t leave her hand. She goes. Anjor gets angry on Ranvijay. He says I told you, you are my wife and responsibility, I will not let anything happen to you, that bad aunty came and this happened. She cries.

Chakor says I have to save Anjor, that man is a devil and can do anything. Anjor shouts I have to go now and ruins the room. She shouts. Ranvijay gets angry and beats her. Chakor comes to some place. She hears Anjor shouting

for help. Chakor sees some dry grass and ignites fire. The place gets burning. Chakor leaves from there. Her bracelet falls there. The goon sees the fire and runs to inform Ranvijay. Anjor says let me go. Ranvijay says you have irritated me a lot. The goon says someone has ignited fire in front of the house. Ranvijay asks what were you doing. He goes to see the fire. Anjor cries. Bua says burn the person who ignited this fire. Ranvijay sees Chakor’s bracelet. He says just Chakor can do this. Chakor enters the house and goes upstairs to Anjor. She says I have come, nothing will happen to you.
Anjor says get away, you are a bad woman, go away from here. Bua says we can’t tolerate Anjor more. Jaya worries. Ranvijay says yes, Chakor and Anjor have to die now. Jaya asks Ranvijay not to kill Anjor, she is pregnant. Vanshika says Anjor is reason for Sameer’s death, let Ranvijay kill her, else I will kill her. Jaya slaps her. Chakor asks Anjor to come with her. Jaya and Vanshika argue. Ranvijay scolds them and says none can take a step out of this village without my permission. He catches Jaya, Manoj and Vanshika. Ranvijay goes to see. He says so Chakor took her daughter, I will kill them. Chakor hides Anjor. Bua asks goons to find Chakor and Anjor. Ranvijay gets angry. Jaya says Ranvijay will kill Anjor. Vanshika says Ranvijay won’t let us go from here until he kills Chakor and Anjor, I can’t stay here all my wife. She sees a window. She breaks the window. Manoj and Jaya worry.

Anjor gets conscious and shouts on seeing Chakor. Chakor says you will get icecream if you play this game. Anjor gets glad and asks promise. Chakor says yes, its a hide and seek game. Bua comes to check. Chakor and Anjor hide. Bua doesn’t see them and goes. Chakor prays for Anjor.

Anjor says I m hungry, I want some food. Chakor goes to get food. Vanshika says your game is over. Ranvijay points gun at Chakor.

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