Udaan 19th June 2019 Written Update

Udaan 19th June 2019 Written Update by Amena

Udaan 19th June 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Chakor asking Anjor to play the game and keep hiding until she says. Anjor asks for food. Chakor asks her to sit quiet. She goes to get food from kitchen. Ranvijay scolds his goon and asks him to find Chakor and Anjor. Bua comes to kitchen to have food. Ranvijay throws the food plate and scolds Bua. Chakor thinks I have to leave from here any how. He goes. Chakor goes back to Anjor and sees Vanshika feeding the food to Anjor. She says you here… Vanshika says your game is over. Chakor says Anjor, we have to leave. Vanshika says Anjor is hungry, let her have food. Chakor says let me go, Ranvijay will kill us.

Vanshika says once I handover you two to Ranvijay, I will get my freedom, else he won’t leave my family, I will go with my family. Chakor says you can’t do this.

Jaya says Vanshika will do this, I won’t stop her. Jaya comes to Ranvijay and says we found Chakor, we can get her here. Bua asks how did you come out, I had locked you. Ranvijay asks where is Chakor, how do you know it. Jaya says you can joke on me later, I have found Chakor and I can make her reach you, but I have a condition, if you want Chakor, then permit us to leave. Bua twists her hand and scolds her. Ranvijay says I just want Chakor, call her, I accept your condition. Jaya smiles and calls out Vanshika.
Vanshika gets Chakor tied up. Ranvijay laughs. Jaya and Vanshika ask him to kill Chakor, who took Sameer’s life. He asks Chakor to get ready for her last flight which will take her to heaven. Chakor gets shot. She recalls her family moments with Suraj and Anjor. She falls down. Ranvijay smiles.

He asks his goons to take Chakor’s body and throw her out for the animals. Jaya asks Anjor to sleep, they will leave the village and go to city tomorrow. She thinks we came here for Sameer’s marriage, what did this happen here. She gets sad. Ranvijay drinks wine. Bua comes to tell about Anjor. He gets angry on Ranvijay. He says Anjor can’t run away, I will kill her and her child, like I killed Chakor, I will sell Anjor and then she will die. Jaya comes to meet Chakor. Chakor thanks her for saving her. Jaya says I don’t want to lose Sameer’s child. Chakor says I will prove myself innocent once, maybe I m alive to give more tests in life.

Ranvijay threatens a girl. Chakor and Anjor look on. Chakor swears to get Sitapur free from Ranvijay. Vanshika and Anjor join Chakor.

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