Udaariyaan 11th February 2023 Written Update

Udaariyaan 11th February 2023 Written Update by Amena

Udaariyaan 11th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Advait saying I will not leave Mallika and Ekam, once these elections get over, Nehmat is my life’s biggest problem, its good if she supports me, else I will kill her, I won’t let anyone come between my career. Nehmat prays that she gets saved. Ekam interrogates a man. He scolds him. Harleen comes. He recalls Renuka’s words. He says I m on duty, you should have not come here. She says I came to do my duty, I came to make hot coffee for you. She gives him a cup of coffee. She asks about Nehmat. He says I didn’t find out anything, Advait and Nehmat are here, I have checked cctv footage, I didn’t see them going out anywhere. Advait sees the procession going and hides his face. Nehmat gets down the car. She falls down. Advait turns to see. He tries to get down and check. She prays. A garland falls on her hand. She faints down. The people go ahead. Advait opens the car door and gets down. He goes to check. He doesn’t see Nehmat.

The constable says the man told us the details, Balli is hiding in the jungle. Ekam says fine, inform the force. He asks Harleen to tell Renuka that he is okay. He leaves. She says I will pray that you get a clue about Nehmat soon. Advait thinks how is the dickey open, did Nehmat… He shuts the dickey. He calls the nurse. Nehmat looks on. He says I have to go back home and see if everything is fine. He leaves. She thanks baba ji. Ekam is on the way. Nehmat struggles. Advait sees the nurse in Nehmat’s place. He says oh God, it means it was Nehmat in the dickey, dad won’t leave me, I have to inform him. He calls Shamsher. Shamsher asks what, she had run away, how, where were you. He asks driver to take him home. Rama comes and asks what happened Advait. He says Nehmat has run away. Rama asks what, nurse is here. He says you should have kept an eye on her. She says I came to check, she would have not gone away, go and follow her. He thinks did she go with those people. Shamsher comes and slaps Advait. He says everything will be ruined. Rama says Advait is already worried. Advait says I will go and find her. Shamsher says no, everyone knows you are out of Moga. He asks him to talk to Bunty. Nehmat hears the police siren and shouts for help. Ekam catches the drug peddlers. Balli pushes him and runs. Ekam runs after him. Nehmat falls down. She faints. Ekam catches Balli and fights with him. He takes Balli. He sees the garlands fallen there. He doesn’t see Nehmat. He leaves. The car runs over a water bottle. Water splashes over Nehmat’s face. She wakes up and shouts for help. Ekam also meets the procession group. He gives money and says pray for my loved on. He prays for Nehmat. He recalls the garland. He thinks is this the same garland, what was that. He says wait, I will just come.

Goons come there to find Nehmat. Nehmat sees them and says help…. The man says Shamsher said we will get her here, alive or dead, Shamsher will kill us if we don’t find her. She hears this and hides. She falls. Goon doesn’t see her. A guy comes and asks what are you finding. He does poetry. He asks them to find it in the morning. Nehmat says help…. The guy stops. He helps her and brings her out. He gives her some water. He asks are you okay. She sees Fateh and says Papa. He says sorry, I m Jahaan, relax. She recalls Fateh and says you look exactly like my dad. He says it may be possible, God makes seven creations of same face, why were they looking for you. She says life isn’t supporting me. He says I don’t know about your problem, you feel helpless, its fun to become strong when the entire world wants to make you weak. He encourages her. Ekam is on the way. He says I feel there is something. He prays.

Nehmat says sometimes bad fate doesn’t let you see the ray of light. Jahaan asks her to be strong. She says God has sent you as an angel. He cares for her. Ekam comes there. He says I feel Nehmat is here. He runs to see. He gets shocked seeing Nehmat.

He shouts Nehmat… Nehmat cries and says Ekam…. Jahaan asks do you know her. Ekam says yes. Jahaan says I found her here, please take care of her. He leaves. Ekam asks Nehmat not to worry, he has come. He turns and sees Jahaan gone. He says look at me, Nehmat, we will go to the hospital. She says no, Nanu Nani, take me to them. He hugs her. They cry. He says fine, we will go to them, come, thank God I found you, nothing will happen to you. He lifts her and takes her to the car.

The episode ends

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