Udaariyaan 16th May 2023 Written Update

Udaariyaan 16th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Udaariyaan 16th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ekam asking everyone to enjoy lunch. He says this lunch party will be memorable for you. He sings Meri bebasi ka bayaan hai…. Ekam dances with Nehmat. He imagines her. He sees her with Sartaj. He takes them to dance. He gets a tray. The lights get on. He unveils the tray and shows the engagement rings. He says this lunch is memorable for all of us, surprise for you two. Sartaj asks why are you doing this. Ekam taunts Nehmat. Ekam and Sartaj argue. He asks are you joking like before. Jasmin says it’s the best decision for all of us. She insults Nehmat and says we should tie Nehmat and Sartaj in a relation soon.

He says Harleen will make Nehmat ready, Harleen is my life now, I will make Sartaj ready. Nehmat cries. Cherry says I didn’t get my room till now and candidates are getting on increasing. Harleen makes Nehmat ready. She says you are lucky to have two persons loving you, you left Ekam, don’t leave Sartaj. Ekam compliments Sartaj. Sartaj asks why are you doing this, let me live my life with peace. Ekam says you are in love, nothing else matters. Harleen says you are in love, don’t make fun of Sartaj’s love, his family isn’t with him. Ekam says it’s a commitment, not a joke. Sartaj says I have a good life already. Ekam says you are innocent, I have to confirm if there is love or not, unless the girl says yes from her heart, we shouldn’t take it as a yes, come. Sartaj and Nehmat come for the engagement. Nehmat stumbles. Ekam calls her out. Udaariyaan….plays….

Nehmat and Sartaj sit. She says I want to talk to you. Jasmin says congrats Nehmat and Sartaj, exchange the rings. Sartaj asks for Nehmat’s hand. Harleen forwards Nehmat’s hand. Jasmin smiles. Naaz says congrats, Sartaj’s bride is going to come to our house.

Nehmat gets up and drops the ring. She refuses for the engagement. Ekam smiles and says I feel I m hearing this once again, what happened, why don’t you want to get engaged, you have deep love between you two, I will talk to Nehmat once, maybe she has a valid reason to refuse, come. He asks Harleen to wait. He says Sartaj, I told you, one shouldn’t trust until the stamp is real. He asks can I talk to you, I want to know the reason for this refusal.

Ekam says you have to say the truth today. He threatens her and says I will jump down if you don’t tell me the truth.

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