Udaariyaan 17th March 2023 Written Update

Udaariyaan 17th March 2023 Written Update by Amena

Udaariyaan 17th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Jasmin saying make me talk to the minister, I will not spare Shamsher and Advait, I want to take Harleen with me. Naaz says wow mumma, you don’t think of me, shall I get shot to get your attention, you swear on me that you will fix what Harleen has spoiled. Jasmin says I didn’t understand. Naaz says this innocence doesn’t suit you, Nehmat has to take the complaint back, you have to free Advait and Shamsher. Jasmin asks what nonsense. Naaz says I have made my family myself, there is everything in that house, I want that, you gave all this to Harleen, you can at least save what I earned. Jasmin says they tried to kill your sister. Naaz says she isn’t my sister, you loved Tejo and cared for her, right. Jasmin says Harleen is a good hearted person, you remove the hatred from your heart, I won’t take the complaint back. She goes. Naaz says wow mumma, I will always believe how you ruined my life for Harleen, I will not leave Harleen, I will make her life hell. Harleen recalls doctor’s words. Renuka comes to meet her. She says I asked doctor and took permission, I got this haldi milk for you. Harleen asks don’t you hate me. Renuka says I can’t hate you, you had filled happiness in our lives, you aren’t wrong. Harleen says you came to ask me about me, why don’t you understand Ekam. Renuka asks what do you mean to say. Harleen says you don’t want to understand it, you know Ekam and Nehmat love each other a lot, they both got blessed, Nehmat got free from an illegal marriage, I m not in Ekam’s life, they can unite if you say yes, take back your swear, she is keeping herself away from Ekam.

Renuka says no, this can never happen, I don’t have any place for Nehmat in my heart and house, you can see their love, you didn’t see what I have seen, Ekam’s dad left us, Mallika’s marriage broke and Ekam got ruined, she deserves to stay away from my son and family, take rest. Harleen says you are misunderstanding Nehmat. Renuka leaves. Nehmat comes. Ekam reaches there and asks is Harleen okay. Nehmat says yes, she is fine, you go and meet her. He asks her to come. She asks him to give the medicines to Harleen. She leaves.

Jasmin, Rupy and Satti are with Harleen. Rupy says parents have to bend down when its about children. Jasmin says we will go back to Canada. Harleen says no, I m stubborn like you, I won’t go, I want to be with Nanu and Nani. Harleen thinks I can’t go without uniting Ekam and Nehmat. Rupy sees the file. Harleen worries and thinks nobody should get this report. She asks Satti to make some tasty food for her. Rupy jokes. Harleen hides the report. Jasmin gets a message. She says I have an urgent meeting with the chief minister, take care. She leaves. Ekam greets them. He gives the medicines. Rupy and Satti leave. Ekam says sorry to get rude towards you, forgive me if possible. Harleen jokes and laughs.

Ekam says we are friends now, I will never hurt your heart. Harleen says no, you have to give tests of friendship, we have to convince Nehmat for marriage. He asks how shall I convince her.

She says I have to get you and Nehmat married in a month, I don’t have much time. Ekam asks what do you mean. She says I have to go back to Canada, I also have a life. She jokes. She says I will get peace when I see you and Nehmat together. She thinks I don’t have much time. Nehmat looks on and thinks you and Ekam should unite, Harleen, I have to take a big step, I have 7 days.

After 7 days, Harleen walks on her own. Everyone claps. Doctor says you are fit. Harleen says I can go home now. Doctor signs her. She takes Nehmat with her to complete formalities. Rupy says come home, Satti and Lovely will make good food for her. Satti asks Jasmin to come along. Jasmin says thanks, but we have a house in Moga, Harleen will stay with me. Nehmat prays that Ekam and Harleen unite after she goes.

Naaz gets an envelope. Nehmat worries. Harleen says I saw Mallika throwing this bracelet in bin. Ekam thinks. Naaz asks Nehmat to do her work if she wants to keep the secret.

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