Udaariyaan 18th February 2023 Written Update

Udaariyaan 18th February 2023 Written Update by Amena

Udaariyaan 18th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ekam hiding Nehmat from the reporters. He says I will drop you home. Satti asks Naaz is everything fine. Naaz says my inlaws are really good, they treat me well, where is Nehmat. Swaroop says she went to Gurudwara. Naaz says I pray that Nehmat gets strength. Satti says but don’t you think… Naaz says don’t take her side, I m her sister, we all worry for her, Rama wanted to come here, I asked her not to come. Naaz asks her to take Nehmat to the psychiatrist. Satti says fine, I will talk to Rupy, if Nehmat agrees, then we have no objection. Naaz thinks just take her to this doctor once, then Nehmat will be out of my life forever.

Ekam and Nehmat are on the way. They have a talk. She sees the teddy bear and recalls their past. She doesn’t drive well. Ekam asks her to apply brakes. She jokes. He says you damaged my jeep, come out, you have learned driving. She says one day, our grandchildren will praise my driving, I will tell them that I have learnt it on my own. Ekam jokes and says take 20-30 years to learn driving. She runs and beats him. FB ends. They both smile and see each other. Ekam thinks we couldn’t walk together. Nehmat thinks fate didn’t gave us a chance to live together. He thinks I will end this distance. Advait asks Mallika what is Ekam and Nehmat planning. He says nothing is imp to me than elections, I m meeting you for the last time. She asks did she take my name. He asks am I a fool, she didn’t take your name, she kept the friendship. She says she snatched you. He says she is more trustworthy than you, why did you call her there. She says I did this by listening to Naaz. He asks what did you say. She says nothing, I had to take revenge on you. He says I didn’t love you, I wanted revenge on Ekam, dad slapped me because of him. She scolds him and catches his collar. He says don’t show me your face again.

Naaz asks did Nehmat go to meet Ekam. Satti asks what are you saying. Naaz says its too late. Swaroop says she is right, I don’t like Ekam. Satti asks her to leave. Naaz says no, I will go after meeting Nehmat. Satti says I don’t want you to meet her, she will worry, I want her to stay calm. Naaz says fine, I will go. Nehmat comes home. Swaroop asks Naaz to come with her.

Satti says you liked going to Gurudwara, right. Nehmat says yes. She sees the tea cup and asks did anyone come here. Satti says no. Nehmat asks did anyone come from the neighbor. Satti says no. Naaz says she is such a liar, she lied about Advait. Harleen acts like Ekam. Ekam comes to his desk. He sees Harleen and asks what’s happening, what are you doing here. She says you weren’t here, I was just seeing how it feels to become ASP. He scolds her and sits. They have a talk. She says I met Nehmat, she is fine. Ekam asks how is she. She says she is fine. He asks did you go to Nanu’s house. She says yes, he is my Nanu also, she is my cousin. He holds her and thanks her.

She asks him to have food. He recalls Nehmat’s words. He says Kapoors have trapped her, don’t know how will she come out of it. Rupy says you want to take our Nehmat to psychiatrist. Satti says something is troubling her. He says enough, I don’t want to talk. Renuka comes. She says I came to talk to Nehmat. Nehmat comes downstairs and looks on. Rupy says I don’t want to hear anything about her. Renuka says you have to talk. She argues with him. He says enough, I know Nehmat and Ekam. Satti says stop blaming her, she has no time to think about Ekam. Renuka says she was free today, she was meeting Ekam in Gurudwara today. He says anyone can come there, it’s a coincidence. Swaroop says control your son. Renuka asks her not to come in between. She says Nehmat ruined Ekam and Mallika’s lives. Renuka says enough, if you say anything then I can’t tolerate, I request you, just go from here. Satti says we will talk later.

Nehmat thinks how long will they fight for me. Harleen says we have to keep patience. Ekam says no, its not easy, you think Advait will divorce her easily, no, Nehmat thinks she can fight alone, she made me away, but I will never leave her alone in this fight, I will support her.

The episode ends

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