Udaariyaan 19th May 2023 Written Update

Udaariyaan 19th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Udaariyaan 19th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sartaj cheering up everyone and asking them to laugh on life if it doesn’t give them a chance. Nehmat refuses to have it. Ekam says she won’t eat because she is happy for her engagement. Harleen says I will eat sweet golgappa. Ekam says I will support you today. Sartaj says the loser has to listen to the winner. He asks the man to give them golgappas. Ekam and Sartaj compete. Harleen counts. Nehmat recalls her golgappa moment with Ekam. Ekam eats a spicy golgappa and coughs. Harleen gives him water. Nehmat scolds Ekam.

Ekam says make spicier one. He eats it. Harleen takes it from his hand and eats it. Sartaj says challenge cancel, its cheating. Harleen says we are one team. Ekam says I can eat 100-150 golgappa. Sartaj asks him to lose. Balbeer asks Naaz to give him the land as she promised. He says I had taken advance from the dealer and bought the ring for you, I will feel bad to remove it. She says I won’t lose this ring and that land, don’t worry, I will find a way to get Rupy’s signs on the paper. He says I don’t think he will come. She says I m calling him here, he will come. At the restaurant, Harleen asks everyone not to start competition here. Ekam says order anything you want, someone here likes spicy food, order chilli paneer. Sartaj says Ekam will order the food, he knows everyone’s choice. He asks Harleen to come with him. He says I want to buy something for you. Harleen says you can take Nehmat. He says no, she will ask me to buy anything I like, I want to buy something she likes, come. Nehmat says I will come along. He says no, you stay here. Naaz looks on. Ekam says you are getting engaged because of me. They have a talk. He says it’s a new beginning for me, I m lucky to talk to someone’s fiancée here. Harleen asks Sartaj to answer her. He says your family has already explained me everything. She says you have left them alone. He explains her and asks do you doubt Ekam. She says no, Ekam is mine, I m not confused. Ekam says I don’t know what to call you after your marriage. Naaz thinks this is the right chance. Nehmat says please I can’t be here. Nehmat sees Naaz from behind and thinks Jasmin Maasi, I have to find out, what is she doing here. Ekam says she has no answers and ran away again. Naaz makes Nehmat follow her.

Naaz pays money to a man. She leaves. Nehmat looks for her. Ekam looks for Nehmat. The man goes to Ekam and says she went this side, she looked worried. Ekam thanks him and goes. Naaz enters the cold storage. Nehmat follows her. She says she may plan something against us. Naaz thinks Ekam should come here.

Ekam comes there. He enters the cold storage. Naaz hides there. He says Nehmat. Naaz smiles and leaves from there. She locks the door. Ekam and Nehmat get locked. They knock and shout for help. Sartaj and Harleen come back and don’t see them. They call them. Ekam and Nehmat argue.

Sartaj and Harleen wait for Ekam and Nehmat. Ekam is with Nehmat. Harleen says we made a big mistake to leave them alone, Ekam gets restless in her presence. Sartaj says its too late to regret, maybe their old story started again.

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