Udaariyaan 21st June 2021 Written Update

Udaariyaan 21st June 2021 Written Update by Amena

Udaariyaan 21st June 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Fateh asking Tejo why did she tell dad to give the interview. She says he isn’t doing anything wrong, he is worried for your passion, your career, you have filled the form yourself. He says I m not mentally fit for the match. She says he did this for your happiness. He says I will show you what’s pain, I will fight this match for your and dad’s sake. He goes. Jasmin waits for Gippy at the cafe. Gippy comes there and calls her out. Gippy comes and greets Jasmin. He gives her flowers. She asks him to say sorry first. He says you should say sorry, you just came here, I know it, you are gorgeous and won’t wait any anyone. She says smart, you knew it that you are going to meet me, even then you got late. He says sorry, my college friends were online at the same time. She asks did you study in Canada, it means you would have citizenship also. He says yes, any problem. She says no. They take a selfie.

Fateh punches the bag. He sees Jasmin and Gippy’s pic. He recalls Jasmin. He goes to Tejo. He throws the tea cup. He says you knew it, that Jasmin went to her uncle’s house to meet a guy for marriage. She asks who told you. He asks did you know it. She says Abhiraj told me about it today. He says he would have made you swear to not tell me. She says no, I didn’t wish you to get more pain, that’s why I didn’t tell you, this day had to come. He says I didn’t know it will come so soon. She says Jasmin has moved on, remember this, its better that you also move on, else time will leave you behind. He says I don’t want to move on. He goes. Gurpreet looks on. Khushbeer comes and asks where is Fateh. Tejo says I don’t think he will go for the match. He asks why not, he is a sportsman.

Gurpreet comes and scolds Tejo. She asks why did you get after Fateh. Khushbeer says you don’t talk if you don’t know things, you want him to cry for that girl all her life. Gurpreet asks did you see his condition. He asks shall I see him becoming Devdas. She says he needs time to heal his wound. She gets angry on Tejo. He says Tejo wants to bring Fateh out of this sorrow, don’t get blind in your love. Gurpreet says you both don’t see his pain and tears, if anything happens to Fateh, then you two will be responsible. She goes. Tejo says I think she is right. Khushbeer says its better that he loses the fight than losing to himself, don’t worry, he knows to fight and win. He goes. Amrik says Fateh is unprepared for the fight, he will fail. Tejo says you should trust your dad in this. He says dad doesn’t know anything. He goes.

Fateh recalls Jasmin. He pours water on his head. He goes home. He sees Tejo waiting. She wakes up and sees him. She asks him to have food. He checks Jasmin’s pic. Jasmin waits for his reaction. Tejo says don’t see what hurts you, I wanted you to come out of this sorrow, maybe you aren’t mentally fit for this match, don’t fight the match, I will explain Khushbeer. He gets sad. He asks her to say the truth. She says I don’t lie. He asks what do you know about this guy, how did Jasmin meet him, where does he belong to. She says mummy told me that Jasmin liked the guy. She asks him to call Jasmin and talk, she won’t feel bad. She gets sad.

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