Udaariyaan 22nd July 2021 Written Update

Udaariyaan 22nd July 2021 Written Update by Amena

Udaariyaan 22nd July 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Tejo asking Fateh to wear his clothes, before he catches cold. She says oh no, where will I change. He says here, behind this curtain. Jasmin is outside the house. Fateh opens the gift box. FB shows Jasmin kisses the shirt, she keeps Fateh and her pic locket. She says its the last way to come close to you, when you see this locket, then you will remember the promise you made to me. Fateh opens the shirt. The locket falls there. Tejo changes clothes. Fateh sees her shadow. He turns. He gets dressed. Tejo comes wearing the new dress. Ishq bulava…..plays…. She asks what happened, why are you seeing like this. He says you look very beautiful. The light goes off. She says lie, that’s why lights have gone, find the match box, candles are here. She gives the matchstick box. He lights the candles.

Tejo also goes and lights the candles. He says I wish we had something to eat, I m feeling hungry. She shows the sweets box. He asks are you Santa claus, you get anything I wish. She sings Jingle bells. He eats the sweets. She asks what else did you wish. He feeds her the sweets. Jasmin walks in the rain. Tejo gets a novel of her fav author. She says he writes romantic novels. Fateh says you read romantic novels. She asks do you think I m boring. She reads the romantic poetic lines. He looks at her. He also reads the book. A curtain flies and catches fire. He says sorry. She sees the fire and tells him. He goes and blows off the fire.

They go and sit on the bed. The bed breaks down. Jasmin hears some sound and stop. Fateh signs Tejo. Jasmin goes to look inside the house from the window. She gets shocked seeing Fateh and Tejo. Tejo laughs. Fateh smiles seeing her. He gets up and holds her hand to help her get up. Saans…..plays… Fateh and Tejo come closer. They romance. They have an eyelock. They have a hug. Fateh holds her close to kiss.

Its morning, Amrik sees Jasmin sitting worried. He gets tea for her. He says sorry, I got you here, but we have searched everywhere for them, don’t worry, they will come back. Jasmin says no, I m tensed for Tejo, she falls sick soon. He says don’t worry, Fateh will take care of Tejo. She says that’s the problem. Tejo writes Fatejo on the mirror. She smiles seeing Fateh sleeping. She recalls the last night. Teri deewani….plays…. She sits holding the water drops leaking from the roof. He wakes up and sees her. She greets him and asks him to get ready, she will do the packing. He nods. She goes. He sees the locket fallen there. He picks it. He sees Jasmin and his pic inside. He recalls their moment. He holds his head and worries.

Fateh says its too late now, its your engagement today. Jasmin attempts suicide, slitting her wrist. Fateh runs to Jasmin and lifts her. He takes her. Tejo looks on.

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  1. What's in name
    July 22, 22:10 Reply

    Converting to normal usual storyline – love triangle. Must have shown Jasmine following her dreams with strong mind not like going crazy for a guy
    Whereas Fateh standing for his right and self respect
    Disappointed with this series

  2. Lilou
    July 22, 22:07 Reply

    Very very disappointing this new promo .. Fateh did not mourn for Jasmine …. here is the reward for Tejo .. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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