Udaariyaan 25th June 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 25th June 2022 Written Update by Amena

Udaariyaan 25th June 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Jasmin recalling Tejo and Sweety’s words. She says Fateh doesn’t care for my child, but that mad Tejo, do anything but you will have to marry me, Fateh. She takes a scissor and sees something. Fateh asks Tejo to sleep. Tejo says its not night, I m not getting sleep. He says who said you can sleep just at night. She says Billo and I used to sleep under the sky, looking at the stars. Fateh says oh, you want to sleep under the shadow of the stars. Jasmin cuts some dress. Lovely comes and knocks the door, saying I got fruits for you. Jasmin puts the dress in the cupboard. She opens the door and acts. Lovely says I feel sorry for you. Jasmin hugs and thanks her. She says I will spend my life somehow, but my child… Lovely says your marriage should happen with Fateh. Fateh projects the stars on the roof and says its night now, count the stars. He holds Tejo’s hands. Saawli si raat ho….plays…

Its morning, Navraj asks Satti to pack extra parathas for him. Tejo comes downstairs and calls out Fateh. Satti says he will come, I made something special for you. Navraj asks Tejo to guess it. Tejo says aloo, lemon… Bebe says I will say.

Harman and everyone guess the dish. Fateh comes and says kadi. Tejo runs and hugs him. He says Satti has made kadi. Satti says yes, I have made kadi. Tejo says I like it a lot. Jasmin comes. She gets angry seeing them. Lovely says they should take care of you, they have become kids with Tejo, will you have kadi chawal. Jasmin says no. Satti stops Jasmin. Jasmin says I m not hungry, I m going to the mall with Sweety. Satti gets the tiffin for her. Jasmin leaves. Satti says don’t know, what is she doing, she should take care of her baby atleast. Rupy sees Fateh and Tejo. Satti comes back and says Jasmin left and didn’t take the tiffin, she is pregnant, she is still kiddish. Rupy says she was going to marry Fateh, she would feel bad, everything will get fine, give her some time.

Satti says she should forget this, else she would become old Jasmin, stubborn and senseless. He says I made her believe that I m with you, so this time she won’t go anything, everything will be fine. Tejo asks for kadi. She kisses Satti’s hands. Satti and Rupy smile. Satti asks why. Tejo says Amma said we should kiss the hands of the person who cooks well, and also the one who feeds. She kisses Fateh’s hand. Rupy says Tejo will call you mum one day. Satti prays for Tejo. Fateh goes to wash hands. Satti calls Sweety and says Jasmin is coming to your place, she didn’t eat anything, feed her some food. Sweety says we will have something at the mall. Fateh says I spoke to a psychiatrist, he may help Tejo. Rupy says thank you, I misunderstood you. Jasmin meets Sweety. Sweety asks why did you leave food. Jasmin says no, I m feeling more hungry these days. Sweety says Satti called me. Jasmin says this is my plan, she should worry for me, did you book the movie tickets, we will go to food court first and then enjoy the movie. They go. Tejo tries to make a kite with Fateh and Navraj.

They laugh. Fateh says kite is ready, come. Navraj goes to get another one. Fateh writes I love you on the kite. Tejo reads it. Main to tere naal….plays…. Tejo recalls their moments and kisses her forehead. They fly the kite. Jasmin comes home. Satti asks shall I get fruits or juice for you. Jasmin says no, I had gone to mall with Sweety. Navraj asks for some money to buy the thread, Fateh and Tejo are flying the kite. Satti goes. Jasmin looks upwards and sees Fateh with Tejo. She gets angry on Satti. Satti asks her not to get angry. She says I will make tea for you, then massage your head, your headache will go, I know why you are upset. Jasmin says there is no use to say now. She goes to her room. She lightens her makeup and spoils her hair. She says I look so pale now, like I didn’t had food since many days, I should take an advantage of my hunger now. The kite falls down. Jasmin sees the kite and stamps it with her foot, tearing it. She hides the kite under the carpet. She sees Lovely cooking in the kitchen. She sees Navraj coming and acts to faint. Navraj runs to her and shouts to call everyone. Rupy and Satti ask what happened to her. Fateh and Tejo also come downstairs. Lovely says this had to happen, everyone’s focus is on Tejo. Fateh says I will call the doctor. Satti asks Jasmin to open eyes. Fateh calls the doctor. He asks Tejo not to worry, Jasmin is fine. Lovely says no one worries for Jasmin, she is pregnant. Sweety comes home. She asks what happened to Jasmin, I came to give her bag. Satti says don’t know, she fainted down. Sweety says this will happen if she doesn’t eat anything, she didn’t eat anything since night. Satti says I gave her dinner and got the empty plate, she said she had the food in the mall. Sweety says she didn’t eat anything. Tejo says liar. Fateh stops her. Satti asks Jasmin why is she doing this. Lovely shows the food trashed and thinks Jasmin didn’t eat anything. Jasmin sees Sweety and then closes eyes. Bebe prays and cries. Jasmin thinks now the drama will start, I will see how Tejo keeps me away from Fateh.

Gurpreet argues with Rupy and Satti. Fateh and Tejo are seen somewhere out of the house, having fun. Jasmin is upto something again.

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