Udaariyaan 26th January 2023 Written Update

Udaariyaan 26th January 2023 Written Update by Amena

Udaariyaan 26th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the ladies and kinners coming to Sandhu house. They ask for shagun. Satti asks why the shagun. The lady says Nehmat is pregnant, you are getting promoted. The lady hugs Satti. Harman gives the nek to the kinners. Rupy worries and recalls Nehmat. He says I don’t find this right, I will call Nehmat. Satti says no, we will go to her house and congratulate her. She thanks Lord. She says maybe her life gets happiness now. Nehmat sees Advait and recalls his words.

She takes his clothes to arrange. He says I don’t need these suits now, I have made space in the cupboard for you, you please arrange your clothes in the cupboard. She says its okay, my clothes are fine in the suitcase. He says guests keep clothes in the suitcase, this is your house and your cupboard. Ekam throws the bottles on the wall. He recalls Nehmat’s words. He cries and says this is happening because of me. He says she did this by coming under pressure of Kapoors. Advait says please keep your clothes in the cupboard, its your wish. Nehmat says thanks for supporting me today. He says whatever I did with you, this is nothing, I should thank you, you are standing by me and my family, when you can try to keep our marriage, then why can’t I. She thinks did he really change or is he doing any acting. Ekam sits drinking. Harleen comes. She asks why didn’t you tell me. He asks who are you to stop me, what’s your right, nothing. She says I also want to try, then you will get it. She throws the alcohol. She gives him the empty bottle. He says you finished the bottle. She says I liked the taste, nice, what sorrow are you hiding. He says hiding is tough, heart doesn’t let it hide, I m so unlucky. She says no, your fate is good, so you got me. He says right, you got me, my fate is good. He cries. She hugs him. He says I had got Nehmat, I didn’t trust her, I left her, she isn’t happy, I know, what shall I do. She thinks I will give you much love, you will forget her. He makes her away and says I ruined my and Nehmat’s life, I will ruin your life too. She says maybe Nehmat is happy and seeing her future with Advait, its possible. He says no, its not possible.

She says its possible. He cries and recalls Nehmat. Kismat to kismat hai….plays… She takes him home. Mallika sees him and runs to him. She asks what happened to him. Ekam says I have to talk to Nehmat, I m sorry. Renuka asks what happened to Ekam. He says I m sorry Nehmat. Nehmat thinks what would Ekam know about me, hearing this news. Nehmat is cooking. Nikhil teases her about Advait. She smiles. He says I m very happy, that Advait is taking a step towards you, keep your promise and make this family a happy one. He says I have booked a table for dinner for you two. She gets thinking. She says I have a condition. Mallika stops Harleen and scolds her. Nehmat says you have to keep your responsibility like I m keeping a good wife’s and bahu’s responsibility. Naaz comes and hears them. Nikhil says I took the first step. He shows the designs. Nehmat says wow, I m very impressed, don’t waste your talent. He thanks her. She wishes him all the best. Naaz gets angry and asks what’s her problem, will she make everyone like her. Harleen asks what’s your problem, you are always ready to fight. Mallika says I don’t want any girl to break my brother’s heart. Harleen says don’t judge anyone like that, its not fair. She asks Renuka to come and sit. She says just think you have come to see a girl for Ekam, and that girl is me. She acts traditional. Renuka cries happily. Harleen says I will love your son a lot. Mallika says this annoys me, you went on Jasmin, she was famous as a drama queen. She says mom, you know her mom is Jasmin aunty, do you want her now. Harleen says I m not like Jasmin, I love Ekam a lot, I want to see him happy and love him a lot, what’s the problem in this, aunty also wants Ekam to stay happy, right. She asks Renuka why is she crying. She cheers Renuka. They hug. Renuka says my son needs someone like you. Harleen asks did I pass in interview or not. Renuka says my answer is yes. Harleen hugs her. Nehmat prays for Ekam.

The episode ends

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