Udaariyaan 26th May 2023 Written Update

Udaariyaan 26th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Udaariyaan 26th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Jasmin coming to Naaz and Harleen. She asks Naaz what nonsense are you saying, I think you have no fear of me. Harleen hugs her and cries. Jasmin calms her down. She scolds Naaz. Naaz asks why do you talk to me like I m not related to you, and just Harleen is your daughter. Jasmin says stop the nonsense. Naaz says I will see who gets happy if Nehmat dies. Jasmin says its better if she dies. Harleen asks what are you saying, you should be ashamed to say this. She goes. Naaz says if Nehmat chooses to die, then Harleen will get jailed, I will double celebrate. Sartaj and Ekam are serving at the Gurudwara. Sartaj gets a call and says Nehmat. They rush. Jasmin consoles Harleen. Harleen says this happened because of me, she came after me, I might have…. Jasmin asks what, were you going to end your life, don’t do this. Harleen says this happened because of me. Swaroop comes and says Nehmat…. They rush.

Nehmat gets conscious. Rupy says thank God, you are fine. Nehmat says I m sorry, Nanu. She asks where is Harleen. She says I m okay, Harleen. Satti says yes, she is fine, she will come home soon, don’t cry.

Sartaj and Ekam come. Nurse asks them to go out, just one or two persons can stay. Satti and everyone go out. Sartaj and Ekam see Nehmat. Ekam scolds Nehmat. Sartaj gets her reports. He checks. Ekam says you should have thought about us. Nehmat says I m fine, you leave. Sartaj gets shocked seeing her pregnancy report. He looks at her. Nehmat says you go, your wife needs you, go from here.

Sartaj goes out and talks to doctor. He asks are they both fine. Doctor says yes, mum and child are fine. Sartaj says don’t tell this to anyone, we can’t tell this to patient also. Doctor says fine, take care of her. Sartaj says I will take care of her. Ekam asks Harleen to listen to him. She asks Jasmin to come with her. They leave. Nimmo comes there and asks for Nehmat. Ekam thinks she is Nimmo aunty, how does she know Nehmat and Sartaj. She goes and meets Nehmat. Nimmo hugs her and scolds her with love. Nurse says doctor is calling Sartaj. Sartaj goes. Nehmat tells Nimmo about Sartaj. Ekam hears them.

Nehmat says you know Harleen, my sister, she is much worried. Nimmo cries and says you always risk yourself for others, you sacrificed your love for others, you left your marriage and earned everyone’s hatred, you did a lot for Sartaj, who you didn’t know, you fought with Joginder and saved Sartaj, what did you get. Nehmat says we don’t do anything for others, its fate, Sartaj was a stranger for me, I helped him and now he is helping me. Ekam looks on. He recalls Nehmat’s words. Ekam goes out of the hospital. He sees the welding sparks. He says it means Nehmat didn’t leave me for Sartaj, she was at that dhaba, she was hiding from me, what is all this, what’s the truth, my questions were right, what was the reason for her leaving.

He says what is it that I can’t understand. He recalls his moments with Nehmat. He says I m not able to understand something. Sartaj thinks how shall I talk to Nehmat, she isn’t married, this pregnancy, maybe she doesn’t want to tell anyone, its Ekam’s child. Ekam says what happened that she left the marriage, did someone blackmail her, I felt she is lying, I want to know the complete matter, I have to meet Nimmo, she will tell me the secret.

Sartaj says I have to talk to you. Rupy asks is everything fine. Sartaj tells him. Jasmin thinks did Nehmat tell anything.

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