Udaariyaan 8th May 2023 Written Update

Udaariyaan 8th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Udaariyaan 8th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ekam hitting the boxing bag. He recalls Nehmat. Renuka looks on and cries. He asks why is Nehmat coming in my life, she has come with someone else, I thought she is helpless, now I feel she cheated me. Sartaj says relations are a big lie. Nehmat says you won and I lost, I want to go from here. He gives her medicines and says I have no advantage of killing you, I have MBBS degree, you can have the medicine, you are hurt, I can’t take risk if anything happens to you, can you see anyone here, now answer my questions, I m writing a book on your family. She says I can’t answer. He asks who was she, who always comes to fight with you. Harleen comes in front of Ekam and stops him.

Balbeer and Naaz look on. Naaz pities Harleen. She says romance didn’t start in her life and enmity got back, Nehmat has stolen my special day, but she will be of use in snatching Harleen’s happiness. Ekam says I have gone mad, why does Nehmat come in front of me. Harleen says come with me, you are hurt. He refuses and goes. She says Harleen is my sister, Naaz is also my sister. Sartaj asks who, my new mummy, you three sisters can have a film made on you. He jokes on them.

He says you have run away from your marriage and you are secretly living with me, second sister married my dad, and third sister’s husband has the first one’s name tattoo on his hand. She asks him to stop it. He says I should say this to you, stop it, I think I will need medicines. He goes. She says I shouldn’t stay here. She goes. Ekam leaves from his house. He says I will get answers from Nehmat. Sartaj says I gave her medicines, she will be fine by tomorrow, we will leave now. Rupy asks how will you go. Sartaj says we will go like we have come. Satti says you can’t go right now. Rupy says we didn’t know about her. Swaroop says you both aren’t married yet. Rupy says you want to go again, Naaz did this and now you…. Jasmin smiles and thinks they want to stop her now.

Ekam is on the way. He recalls Nehmat’s words. Satti says don’t go. Nehmat says fine, I won’t go leaving you all. Sartaj thinks it’s a trap of relations. Satti thanks him. She says I m Nehmat’s Nani and yours Nani too, you are our would be Jamai, you are a part of our family. Sartaj says I don’t believe in relations.

Rupy says you gave us some right to give you shagun. Nehmat thinks I m lying to them. Satti does their aarti. She blesses them. Rupy gives his gold chain to Sartaj and blesses. Sartaj says I understood now, its not your mistake, your family wants to make relations, I will go now. He leaves. Jasmin thinks why did he leave Nehmat here. Ekam says I want all my answers today, I m coming. Jasmin stops Sartaj and says tell me, when are you going to marry Nehmat. He says I think you are waiting for our marriage, any special reason, you look like Harleen, are you her twin sister. She says no, I m her mum. He asks what, it means you are my new mummy’s mum, my Nani, Nehmat said Naaz and Harleen are sisters. He laughs. She says yes, I m Naaz’s mum.

He jokes on the three sisters and laughs. He leaves. Swaroop says these girls got us insulted, entire Moga will laugh on us. Jasmin says thank God, Nehmat is busy with Sartaj, Naaz is at Ekam’s house, don’t know what is she thinking.

Renuka cries. Naaz comes to hold her. She says I m your Parjai now, you can share your sorrow with me. Renuka scolds her. She goes. Naaz says don’t worry, I will end my sisters’ curse from this house, I will rule on this house. She smiles.

Sartaj sees Ekam coming in his car. He stops his car. They both get down the car. Sartaj asks what happened, where are you going. Ekam says you got a storm in my life. Sartaj says you know me since childhood, I don’t like to stay at one place. Ekam says I know, you have no interest in any relation, how did you get interested in marriage. Sartaj says yes, but others have much interest in my marriage, I don’t like to answer useless questions, go home. Ekam stops him. He says no, I won’t let you go without answering my questions.

Precap: Naaz says Nehmat is his first love, Ekam can’t stop himself. Harleen cries. Jasmin threatens Nehmat. Ekam looks on.

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