[V] Best Friends Forever 24th May 2013 Written Update *Last Episode*

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[V] Best Friends Forever 24th May 2013 Written Update

*Last Episode*

  • Professor Anu confesses to Ela, Sanju and Vinnie that she kept Rohan’s body in the boot of Vinnie’s car.
  • Varun becomes dejected on learning about the same.
  • The police arrest Professor Anu.
  • After the exams, Varun, Mac and Purushastra cook for Ela, Sanju and Vinnie.
  • Purushastra proposes Vinnie for marriage.
  • Mac professes his love to Ela.
  • Sanju decides to go to the US to be with Prithvi.
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  1. terry
    December 14, 16:36 Reply

    Prithvi love him. Actually love parth. And it was a short and cute love story of sanvi. without prithvi i was kinda boring. anyways ending with Sanvi together is best. i know its too too late to ask for season 2. love u parth

  2. Ella
    August 07, 21:32 Reply

    Why is all these episodes are not allowes in new york

  3. ratri
    November 08, 10:25 Reply

    Love u prithvi aka my manik malhotra aka parth.

    • ratri
      November 08, 10:25

      Love manik more than prithvi

  4. Karrrriiii
    May 25, 05:13 Reply

    I love u sanju ela vinnie varun mac ……’ela rey ko chod do…..he is a cheater……go with mac……sanju u can go with 2…..varun and prithvi…..they both matches u…..: vinne tum puru ko chodo and u go with rey……my real name is karishma sharma…..i m in 10…..in st. Anselms; jhotwara; jaipur……i want to meet alll of u…..cont me on facebook…..i m waiting…..bang on with second season but on my choice…….i m eager…..regards karrrri

  5. BFF fan 1
    June 24, 02:39 Reply

    You know what I love the ending <3<3 I will miss you so much Yuvraj-Varun ur so awesome πŸ™‚ and i request the producers and the team to come back and make a 2nd season i think you guys didn't give that much time for the ratings to go up i don't know why this show wasn't good in trps but in my opinion i love this show!!!! I never missed an episode and now its being replaced by Crazy Stupid Ishq πŸ™ i miss this team so much u know what i think the guy in the hoody was just a perfect way to end this show cuz it creates suspense like how this show really got started when the whole craziness started to occur and thats how they ended the show πŸ™‚ but i love it so much it only lasted from 100 and something episode yet it created so many memories for the viewers cuz i love this show am going to miss it want a season 2 !!!!:D

  6. aman bhardwaj
    June 19, 09:18 Reply

    Jaldi se season 2 aa jaye ………bas yahi duaa hai ………..

  7. soniya
    June 17, 15:35 Reply

    bff. was a good show it was my fav show among the all….i hope season 2 will cum soon m waiting for it…….:-)

  8. Niharika
    June 17, 02:35 Reply

    B.f.f are rock buT rNTgud hope season2 wil com soon

  9. rithu
    June 08, 08:13 Reply

    i hope there are more episodes

  10. lai
    May 29, 04:38 Reply

    ill never forget this show!!

  11. happy
    May 28, 11:49 Reply

    wtf this is not even a perfect ending…..wbt that person who was shwon wearing a black hoodi thing…..at frst this show was col but now it is a total flop…..wht abt pammi….wow wht a waste of time……

  12. Sona
    May 27, 02:31 Reply

    Jo hota hai acche ke liye hota hai.

  13. Kia
    May 26, 07:07 Reply

    no season is coming….this serial was a flop show…thats why it ended so quickly or it wud hav been extended like TBP n SG ….and this serials story was not even same as the promos they showed…

  14. manuu
    May 26, 03:56 Reply

    maybe season 2 is cuming.. fingers crossd!

    • bff fan
      May 26, 04:06

      hope there are unlimited seasons

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