Veera 30th September 2014 Written Update

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Veera 30th September 2014 Written Update by Amena

Veera 30th September 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Baldev asking Veera what did Ranvi say. Veera nods no. He says did he say no. She nods no. He says then what. She says he asked for some time to think. He says tell me I love you and you love me, then what problem he has. She says he loves me a lot, he did not think my marriage will happen so soon, he will think and say yes. He says what if he says yes, will you still marry me. Veera gets thinking. He says why will this happen, this won’t happen, if this happens, I will make Ranvi agree. She says what if he does not agree, then you marry that girl or someone else, you will be free from me. She laughs. Baldev holds her and says tell your brother that I will marry only you, else I won’t.

She asks do you love me so much. He asks do you doubt. She says no. He says he knows that he can’t live without her. She keeps her hand on his mouth and says don’t say anything, Ranvi will definitely say yes and then we will be married. She hugs him and his nose gets hurt. Music plays………….She tickles him and they smile. Ranvi sits thinking at home. Chaiji sees him and asks what is the matter. About Veera and Baldev right? She explains him about raw mangoes, sometimes sweet and sometimes different. He says person changes with time, Baldev changed and became responsible. My heart says he will keep Veera happy, but you asked time, fine, whatever is your decision will be accepted. She tells Ranvi and Gunjan to come in the Jalsa party. Gunjan tells about Mumbai parties.

Chai ji says she thinks Gunjan does not like to come to Pind, she likes Mumbai. Gunjan says nothing like that. Chai ji leaves. Gunjan tells Ranvi that there is nothing like this, she came here by her happiness, you know me, I won’t do anything that will hurt you. He asks why did she hide about Veera and Baldev. Gunjan says yes, as Veera wanted to tell you, she did not get right time. It was her right to tell you. He nods yes. She hugs him. She says are you annoyed with me. He holds her and says no, I can’t be annoyed for long. They smile.

Baldev does the Jalsa party arrangements and asks Jaggi to not use his mind and do the work as he says. Jaggi fixes Ranvi’s pic banner. Baldev asks Billa to keep firecrackers at right place. Veera comes to him and says good way to impress Ranvi. Baldev laughs and says I m not doing this to marry you, your brother have taken Pind’s name ahead, that’s why. She says really, fine carry on. He says put the black tika, you are looking beautiful. Ranvi and everyone come. Baldev shows his good side to Ranvi. Veera smiles. The Jalsa party goes on. Ratan gives the speech that its proud to see Ranvi touched the fame and success. Everyone clap.

Ranvi goes on the stage and says he is very lucky to get raised up in Pind and thanks them. Balwant makes Ranvi wear garlands. Ranvi touches his feet. Bansuri fills Baldev’s ears against Ranvi. She says first Veera tested you and now his brother, don’t we have respect. She says see your friends are sticking to Ranvi, they feel you are nothing infront of Ranvi, people change so soon. Baldev gets angry. Veera and Gunjan go on stage and pose with Ranvi. Bansuri says he did not call you, see your value.

Baldev says is your lecture over is anything remaining, I m going to see firecracker work, I will call you if I need a spark. The fire crackers are burnt. Everyone smile. Ranvi sees Veera happy with Baldev. Its morning, Ratan makes Ranvi eat by her hands. Ranvi says he missed home a lot. She says everyone is respecting a lot. Ranvi says Baldev did good arrangements, do you think Baldev is right for Veera. I can’t think about them. Ratan says I know what you are thinking, even I thought the same thing and said no to them, but love is more than any equality.

She says Veera and Baldev love each other a lot, so I feel he is right for Veera. He says love makes a person better, he is from good family, he is grown up infront of her, his sister is my bahu, if Veera goes in that house, she will be infront of our eyes. He says you are right, but its big decision, and I need time to think. She says a bird protects her children, and when time comes, bird pushes them to make them learn flying, I feel you should give a chance to Veera to fly. She says last decision will be yours. Ranvi says I will end polyhouse work and come. He leaves.

Ranvi thinks about Veera and that she has to live her future with her husband. He sees the man who gave him permission for the road land. Ranvi thanks him for giving permission. The man says there was n option, Baldev has put a knife on my neck, I would have never said yes, as its my ancestors’ land. Baldev has threatened me and my family. Ranvi says what, I m sorry I did not know, I will talk to Baldev. The man says no, he may kill us. Ranvi is shocked and apologizes. The man says leave it now, you know why the Pind is afraid of Baldev. Ranvi says what he did is wrong, we wanted to buy your land, but not by force. I will talk to him, as this is wrong. He leaves.

Gunjan wears short clothes and walks in market. Ratan and Chaiji see people seeing her. Ratan, Chai ji and Gunjan come home. Ratan talks to Gunjan about her clothes. She says we are not stopping your modern clothes, you are like Veera for us, but people are staring at you, wear jeans or tshirt outside, not this short minis. Gunjan asks why. Chai ji says people will see and gossip. Gunjan agrees. Ratan says she is smart and will understand. Gunjan says yes, I will go and change. Chai ji says good.

Baldev shows some Desi medicine to Veera which will make her mind sharp. Veera asks him to have it. He says its for Ranvi, make him eat, he will think fast and will say yes soon. She jokes on him. He twists her hand. Ranvi comes and sees them. Baldev is shocked. He asks them to come inside the house. Baldev and Veera looks on.

Gunjan tells Ranvi that Baldev loves Veera a lot. Ranvi says no, he is not mature, he feels everything is game. She says Veera loves Baldev a lot, think about them.

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