Vidya 11th September 2019 Written Update

Vidya 11th September 2019 Written Update by Amena

Vidya 11th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Avtaar and everyone staying worried. A boy comes and complains. Vidya signs by drawing lines. Tiwari sees the sign and asks is this your sign, English teachers are unique, come I will show you the school. He shows her the classes. The teacher Tripathi asks the kids to do his work. He says they will be doing this work afterwards, so I m teaching them from now. Vidya feels bad. The lady says you don’t know fortune telling, any caste of people can do big job. Tiwari asks Santosh to not talk like this. He sends her. He introduces Vidya. He says Tripathi is Hindi teacher. Tripathi asks pandit or Thakur. Tiwari says Vidya Ram Singh, Kshatriya. Tripathi says just good family and high caste people should teach. The kids take the grains sack. Vidya looks inside the class. She sees kids

playing and resting. Tiwari takes her to the class and asks kids to greet their teacher.
He asks Vidya to make a good start and teach the kids. He says I also want to see you teaching. Chachi asks Avtaar to have kheer. He refuses. She says you like kheer a lot, have it. He says I like it, I can have it and die, until Vidya comes, I m tensed, and you want to feed me kheer. Vidya gets worried when Santosh gives her a piece of chalk. Tiwari and Santosh smile. The kids look on. Vidya sees everyone looking at the board. She prays and closes eyes. Someone screams. Everyone runs out of the class to see. Vidya also goes out to see.

They see a snake leaving. They see a boy screaming in pain. She says a snake has bitten him. Tiwari asks how did you know. She says I just saw a snake going. Tripathi asks them to lift the boy and take him to the hospital. Santosh and Tripathi refuse to help the boy. Tiwari asks the kids to get doctor fast. Vidya worries. Tripathi says don’t go there, the place isn’t clean, the kids stay there in dirt, doctor will check him. She says the boy isn’t fine, he needs aid. He asks are you a teacher or doctor. The boy faints. Vidya goes to the boy. She lifts the boy and takes him to the school building. Vidya asks for hot water, rope and a knife. She asks Sanju to open his eyes. Kids run to the village and say a snake has bitten Sanju. They see the clinic shut. Sanju’s mum cries and prays. All the people run to the school.

Vidya ties the rope to Sanju’s leg. She puts the knife in the hot water. Santosh asks will you do this here. Vidya says Sanju, nothing will happen to you, don’t worry. She asks Santosh to hold his leg right. She cuts his skin a bit and makes him leg bleed. She expels the poison from his body. The people come. Vidya asks Santosh to get a cloth. The man gives his cloth. Vidya treats Sanju and cleans the blood. The man asks Tiwari to call doctor. Tiwari says I had sent the kids, he went out of the village. Vidya gets some leaves and crushes it to put some juice on the wound. She prays.

Sanju gets conscious. Everyone smiles and get relieved. Sanju opens eyes and sees Vidya. Everyone claps. Sanju’s mum falls in Vidya’s feet. Vidya asks what are you doing, don’t do this. Sanju’s mum says you are Devi’s avatar, just Devi can save someone’s life, I got to know why Guru’s status is above parents, you have come, I m sure you will make the kids’ lives better. Vidya says I didn’t do anything, Durga Maiyya saved his life. Tiwari asks Sanju’s parents to take Sanju to govt. Hospital to get medicines for snakebite. They take Sanju. Tiwari praises Vidya.

He says you know medical aid also, being an English teacher. Tripathi says yes, just Vidya knows that Vanaspati herbs can cure snakebite. Vidya says I was working in a field, a man was bitten by snake, Vaid was called to save him, I had seen him and got to know this. Tripathi asks did you gain English knowledge by studies or working in fields, I doubt you are an English teacher or not.

Vidya goes out of the house. Maa ji wakes up and doesn’t see her. She wakes up Dharma and says Vidya has run away. Vidya walks on the road.

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