Vidya 12th September 2019 Written Update

Vidya 12th September 2019 Written Update by Amena

Vidya 12th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vidya coming home. Dharma asks how did she come back so early. Maa ji says I knew that our lie will get caught. Dharma asks her to find out. They all go to Vidya and ask what happened. Avtaar asks her to tell what happened. Vidya says when I reached the school… She tells everything. FB shows Tiwari saying its big thing to do our own work. He praises Vidya. Vidya gets thinking. Tiwari says you would be thinking that we have toilets in the school, then why are kids going to the fields, you have just come, you will need time to understand, you may go to home today. FB ends.

Vidya says he had sent me home early. Avtaar says you did an amazing thing, you didn’t save a kid’s life, you have also saved the people here, when you go to school tomorrow, do cleanliness, then

plant trees, you also know puja paath also, just spend some days like this, don’t get caught, else we all will go to jail.
Its night, Vidya lights a candle. She recalls everything. She thinks my family can’t fall in trouble because of me. She prays. The door opens. She thinks to leave. She sees everyone sleeping and goes. Maa ji wakes up and calls her out. She looks for Vidya. He wakes up Dharma and Bablu. He says Vidya has run away. Bablu asks where. Dharma scolds her. Vidya gets her cow and comes to her house. She asks Gauri to see her house. She meets her family. Vidya’s dad, mum and brother get Vidya home again. Dharma complains about Vidya. Her brother argues and scolds Dharma for making Vidya work for money.

Dharma says I agree, we have given 10 lakhs for her job, now we have no money. Vidya’s dad asks will you make an illiterate work and go to job. Dharma says we were managing her expenses since three years, we didn’t come to ask you money, we thought she will earn money and run money, she will get 20000rs. Vidya’s dad says fine, so its about money, she is our daughter, so we also have a right. Vidya gets shocked. Vidya’s dad says we want 10000rs every month, tell me if you agree, else we will take Vidya. Vidya asks what are you saying.

Vidya’s dad says elders decide by thinking well. Bablu says you are acting smart, we have spent money. Vidya’s dad says fine, we will talk in panchayat. Dharma says listen, fine, 5000rs. Bablu asks why are you giving money to these beggars. Vidya’s brother says we are asking for our share, we have also spent a lot on her till now, 7000rs, not a rupee less than 7000rs, the village will know the truth. Dharma says fine, 7000rs. Vidya cries.

Dharma asks his wife to get snacks for guests. Vidya’s dad says sacrifice is real ornament of woman, she is a symbol of strength. Dharma says yes, you have responsibility of two people. Her brother Mohan says you are lucky to get such a good job. Bablu agrees. Vidya sees them and cries. Dil ye akela mera…plays…

Vidya comes to take the class. Tiwari comes to take her sign. She sees the kids. He says I want to see your class, come on start. He gives her a chalkpiece.

Tiwari tells about Nanku singh’s wrath. Vidya looks on.

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