Vidya 21st November 2019 Written Update

Vidya 21st November 2019 Written Update by Amena

Vidya 21st November 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the terrorists threatening the people by showing bombs. Vivek and Vidya get shocked. He threatens to blast the bomb if Ranjana makes any mistake. He asks Ranjana to go and take their message to the govt. Nanku smiles and signs her. She goes. The kids hug Vidya. Dharma and Bablu come there and try to get in. Police stops them. Dharma says I want to know what’s happening inside. Bablu says my Bhabhi is inside. Vivek worries. Ranjana tells the media about the terrorists’ demands. She acts to cry. She says they threatened to kill Nanku and blast the entire school, they have fixed bombs inside. Avtaar gets shocked seeing this news. Jagat smiles. Reporter asks who are they, are they any terrorists gang. Ranjana says I don’t know, the people inside are in danger, I request the govt. to save Nanku and everyone. The terrorist sees Vidya and recalls Nanku showing her pic. Vidya protects the kids. Nanku asked him to take Vidya at gunpoint, she can’t see him hurting the kids, they are her weakness. The terrorist threatens the kids. Vidya gets worried and comes at his gun point. Vivek worries seeing her.

Vidya says if you want to take someone’s life, then take my life, leave the kids. Nanku smiles and thinks telling the man that Vivek will come out when Vidya risks her life. Vivek removes his disguise and comes in front to save Vidya. Nanku recalls making the plan to get Vivek killed. Nanku smiles seeing Vivek.

Vivek stands in front of Vidya and protects her. He gets at gunpoint. He says kill me, but let all of them go. Vidya asks him to move away. Vivek asks her to stop. The man asks why are you willing to die, she is a teacher, who are you. Vivek says I m Vivek Vardhan Singh, Azamgarh’s DM. The man says its good, we can kill you. The inspector announces that govt. Is ready to fulfill their demands, if they do anything wrong, then none will get saved. Vivek asks the terrorist to wait for money, take it and leave everyone. The man says you have to do whatever we say, if anyone acts smart, then everyone will pay for it. Nanku asks the people to listen to him. The terrorist scolds him.

He takes the kids and Vidya away. Vidya encourages them. Vivek is locked in room. He asks the kids to call Vidya to him. Vidya goes there. She asks why did you come in between, if anything happened to you. Vivek says sorry, I couldn’t see you in danger, I m sorry for my mistake. Nanku asks the man to kill Vivek. The man says I didn’t know that govt. Will accept our demands. Nanku says Vivek shouldn’t get saved.

Vivek says they are planning to kill everyone, you have to save all the kids, reach the principal’s room to get the bombs.

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