Vidya 22nd November 2019 Written Update

Vidya 22nd November 2019 Written Update by Amena

Vidya 22nd November 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nanku asking the man to fix the bombs and kill the people, Vivek shouldn’t get saved. He sees the bombs fixed. He says once I go out of here, you will get 2 crores, I will give 50 lakhs for killing Vivek, rest of the money will be mine, one hour more is left, ask your men to be careless. The man nods. Nanku says the innocent kids and people will die, because of Vivek. Vivek sees the men. He hears them talking. He thinks innocent kids and people will get killed.

Vivek asks Vidya to go to the principal’s office and finds the bombs. She asks how can I do. He reads the Shlok to encourage her. He says Guru’s place is above the parents’ place, you are such a teacher, I m sure that you won’t let anything happen to the kids, you have to save all the kids today.

She asks what do I do now. He says all the bombs are connected to the master bomb, its in the principal’s room. He tells some plan. She nods. Avtaar struggles. Ranjana calls Jagat and asks is everything fine. Jagat says yes, Avtaar had come as a spy, but I managed everything. Dadi frees Avtaar while Jagat talks to Ranjana. Ranjana says keep an eye on Avtaar, he is clever. Jagat says Nanku and you will come here. She says Nanku will ask you to kill him, Avtaar shouldn’t get saved, else none can save us. Vidya tells the plan to Chanda.

Chanda falls down. The kids surround her. Nanku looks on. Vidya says Chanda got an asthma attack. Nanku asks the goon to find Chanda, if anyone dies now, it will be a trouble. He goes to see. Vidya says Chanda got the asthma attack, she needs her medicines. Nanku says please I request you, nothing should happen to the girl, save the child, does anyone know about medicines. Vidya says its kept in cupboard in principal’s room, I had kept it there last time. The man says then go and get it. Vivek signs Vidya. The man says just go with her. Vidya goes. Nanku looks on. Reporter gives the update. Dharma asks what’s happening inside. Ranjana says there is a long drama going on here. Dadi frees Avtaar from ropes.

Vidya sees the master bomb. She goes to the cupboard. The kids fight. The goon asks Vidya to explain them not to fight. She says they always fight. Vidya hits on his head. He falls down. Avtaar frees his hands. Jagat says fine, I will kill Avtaar right now. Kalindi gets shocked. Jagat points gun at Avtaar. Avtaar holds the gun. Vidya sees the bomb. The kid says we all will die if this explodes. Vidya recalls Vivek’s words. Vidya gets confused and thinks what wire should I cut now. Vivek prays for her and kids. Vidya goes to cut the wire.

Vivek points gun at the terrorist. Nanku makes him fall down. The terrorist shoots him down. Vidya shouts Vivek.

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