Vidya 24th January 2020 Written Update

Vidya 24th January 2020 Written Update by Amena

Vidya 24th January 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vivek rushing to save Vidya. Anand says don’t know who ignited the fire, maybe Dharma and Bablu did this. Dharma argues. Maa says Vidya and kids have worked hard for exams. Anand says everything will get fine. Dharma says Nanku has sent his men to ignite the fire, this fire will burn Vidya’s future also, we will sit and watch. The lady says Vidya got trapped in the fire, Vivek went to save her. Maa gets shocked. Dharma says its good news, we have to tell Nanku.

Dharma calls Nanku and says both your enemies will die in the fire, Vidya got trapped in the fire, Vivek will also jump in the fire and die. Nanku says they both can’t die, until my revenge is fulfilled, else I would have killed them before, I want them to beg to me and apologize. Dharma gets puzzled. Vivek tries to save Vidya. He falls down and gives his hand to her. They both hold hands. He holds her close. They both roll on the ground and get saved from the fire. Avtaar and Maa are outside. They look on. Vidya says I m fine. Avtaar says no one will care as much as we do. Vidya cares for Vivek. He says I m fine.

Avtaar scolds her for treating Vivek as Lord. Nanku laughs and says exams will get cancelled now. Dharma says yes. Nanku says I didn’t ignite fire to cancel the exams, I did this to see the effect on Vidya’s life, Dharma, I think ahead of it. Dharma says yes. Vivek and Vidya come to the school. The examiner says we can delay the exams for an hour, but how will the kids give exams in this a situation, there will be an enquiry on the principal, Vidya. Avtaar asks what’s Vidya’s fault in this. The man says she is active principal. Avtaar thinks she will be caught, they will know that she is illiterate. He defends Vidya. He says so many things happened in the school, you can’t frame my sister. The man says we will mention everything in the report, Vidya has the face the committee. Avtaar asks are you doing this on someone’s word. The man says you can’t say anything like that. Avtaar asks him not to show this attitude. Vivek takes Avtaar aside. He says its just a procedure. Avtaar says I know, you will get the report and then you will take revenge.

Vivek says if I had to take revenge on her, I would have sent her to jail, I didn’t send her to the jail, but the way you are talking to the examiner, the enquiry committee will come. Avtaar says you do this drama in front of Vidya, she is innocent and will believe you. Vivek says I made Vidya a principal so that she knows the importance of education, its not a joke, it connects the future of kids. Avtaar says Vidya has passed in your test, if Vidya gives her life, even then she won’t pass in your sight, you just keep saying about the cheat. Vidya asks Avtaar to stop it. Avtaar says fine.

The man says I will go if the exam is cancelled, I have to submit the report. The kids come to give the exam. Vidya and teachers get glad. The kids say we have worked hard. The lady says the kids are eager to study, Vidya has made them study well, we decided that the kids will give their exams. Vivek asks the man to manage the exams, the kids have come with courage, their confidence will get low if the exam is cancelled. The examiner agrees on Vivek’s order. He asks the kids to go to their classes for their exams. He says there will be a common exam for all the classes. Vidya worries and sees Vivek.

The man says its time to tell the result. He asks Vivek to do this work. Vivek is shocked to see the results.

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