Vidya 30th September 2019 Written Update

Vidya 30th September 2019 Written Update by Amena

Vidya 30th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Avtaar asking Vidya to come. Santosh greets Vidya and tells about the DM’s order. She goes. Avtaar says you also know what will happen. Nanku comes home. He gets angry seeing Ranjana. He angrily slaps her. Nanku scolds her. He says I couldn’t think you could do this. Dadi asks what happened. Jagat tells everything. Vidya recalls the mantra. She prays. Avtaar asks her to study. Prem comes there and sees a car. He says I will find out what’s happening. Avtaar sits teaching Vidya. Prem makes an excuse seeing Avtaar’s man. He goes.

The man tells Avtaar about the fire in the farmer. Avtaar thinks what to do. He gets his nephew Gajendra/Gappu and says this is Vidya ji, she is a school teacher, you don’t have to study, you have to teach her, she is worried, she is illiterate,

she had to become a school teacher by facing a problem. He goes. Dharma asks Gappu does he want something. Gappu asks for milk. Gappu sits teaching Vidya. She studies all night. Everyone sleeps. Its morning, Vidya sits praying for her family. She says whatever Gappu taught me, I wish to remember that and do well in the class. Nanku’s mum does the aarti. Jagat alerts Nanku about the minister.
Nanku says this is my fear, this makes my name bigger, I will handle everything by scaring people, I don’t cheat the people with whom I work, that DM called me thief, he will get Mukti today, he should have not called me a thief.

Vidya sees Prem sleeping. The bamboo begins to shake. She runs to save him. She tries to balance the shade. Prem wakes up and says I m lucky to see you, you saved me, thanks, I will also help you now. Vidya says I don’t need your help. Prem says I think you are avoiding me, I know you are hiding something, what’s the matter. She says let me go to school. He says you have to tell me, Avtaar has also come to your house. She says I will shout if you don’t tell me. He asks her to listen. He gets a call. He says Sir, I need more time, the matter is very complicated here, okay.

Nanku is at the school. Tripathi and everyone worry. Dharma asks Maa to wake up. Avtaar comes to look for Vidya. He sees the book. He sees Gappu sleeping. He smiles and sees the book. Vidya is at the school.

Vidya is at the school. DM says no need to be happy for what she taught.

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