Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th September 2019 Written Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th September 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th September 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with ganesh is telling bhandasoor about the direction used of his statue’s face & door behind it. He thinks about ganesh is saying correct & tries to change directions with help of sword but he stops & keeps sword aside & tries doing it by his hands. Kartik is saying he always did whatever ganesh told him & now when ganesh has suggested him so it has created a mistake to be done by him now. He pushes the statue of ganesh & keeps at the direction saying that this is correct now & ganesh also says correct.

Ganesh is explaining kartik about how father was helped in my direction & bhandasoor will do the mistake by my trick to suggest him. Bhandasoor is saying now I have corrected myself. Kartik is telling ganesh that now you

have done your work & all will happen wrong by him now.
All are using wrong directions in his palace & wrong things are happening by his women’s & brothers too now. Kartik is telling ganesh that now mistake by mistake will happen in bhandasoor’s palace & yes says ganesh but tells him that still bhandasoor is not doing anything wrong & once he does then he will be affected by the powers of Vishnu prabhu. So kartik asks how & ganesh is going towards prabhu Vishnu as he understands why you have come so you have done your work now & rest I will take now how to tackle bhandasoor & vishnu creates beautiful women for attracting bhandasoor to go to his place.

Bhandasoor is shouting all his women’s why wrong things are happening here & what I had told you to obey of ganeshjis’ advise so why you went doing wrong while a beautiful woman comes to meet bhandasoor & he is very much attracted. His guru is alerting him & bhandasoor is asking the women why you are here so she tells him I am here to take your blessings as you are so big evil giant & brothers tell her to do Pooja for him & she lifts flowers & puts on his feet saying you are everything for me. She also says that you are an ultimate evil god so why should I take blessings from anybody else. Guru is stopping bhandasoor by breaking his rules & he tells him that I can do anything & guru is becoming against him saying I can’t be with you as you are getting attracted by this woman so brothers tells guru to go if you do not wish to be with bhandasoor & he leaves while bhandasoor thinks it musn’t happen that guru should not go from here & as he tries to stop guru but the woman stops him telling him let him go as you an evil god do not need any guru. Bhandasoor is asking her what is your need so she tells him that I am with my friends so they also wish to stay here & he tells her to call them & they arrive as he & his brothers are attracted so tells them you can stay here in my room & he tells his sister to show mohini his room & they all go while all go with various women’s in their rooms while their guru is seeing yagna happening.

Prabhu Vishnu is telling ganehs that this place will become free from his evil powers & his powers will be unable to use anywhere now. All gods are telling ganesh that now we have to kill him so give us blessings but ganesh is saying that this work is now only of mata parashakti, ganesh reminds of prabhu haigree telling him, so ganehs says she only has those powers so to meditate for mata now & all start their meditation for mata parashakti. Kartik is also meditating for mata saying to please come & help us so ganesh tells him that it is not so easy to call mata as it takes a lot of meditation for years & years then she might immerge but devi mohini has done her work in his palace so rest also they will do.

Precap: Bhnadasoor’s guru is telling him that all women’s in your palace are performing yagna for mata parashakti who only can destroy you so he becomes alert & guru tells him to go & stop them urgently.

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