Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th March 2018 Written Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th March 2018 Written Update by Tanaya

Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th March 2018 Written Episode

The episode starts with indra dev going to devlok in his palace. Devi sachi welcomes indra dev and he says devi sachi I have missed you for long, I have finally come home after days, I love you devi sachi. Devi smiles and says swami come in, now I shall serve you food, you must be hungry. Indra dev says I have missed the food from your hands, I am famishes, lets go. Suddenly a dry leaf comes flying inside the palace. Devi sachi says how is a dry leaf there in devlok? Indra dev holds the dry leaf and a message is written on it, saying indra dev I need to meet you right now to talk about something, please come to Kailash, it is ganesh! Indra dev says ganesh ji has called me? Indra dev gets disturbed and says what is this? Don’t I have my personal time? After days I have come back home and ganesh

ji is calling me back, I am devraj indra and I am tired, I have to rest too, I wont go again back to Kailash. Devi sachi says but swami ganesh ji has called you, don’t do this, you should go and see what he has to say. Indra dev says no devi sachi, I am no servant of someone, I am tired and I have come after days back home, I wont go now, I will send my friend now. Indra dev sends his friend.
In Kailash, indra dev’s friend comes and does pranam to ganesh and kartikeya, ganesh says where is indra dev? friend says he has sent me to see what you wanted to say, he is tired so he could not come. Ganesh and kartikeya are shocked and kartikeya thinks what has happened to indra dev? how could he do this? He sent someone because he was tired? Ganesh says go back to indra dev and tell him I need to talk to him and him only. Friend says okay and he goes. Ganesh says brother kartikeya, indra dev has gained an ego again, that is why he didn’t come here. Ganesh and kartikeya go to mahadev and parvati and tell him that indra dev sent his friend instead of himself saying he was tired. Mahadev says the time has come to teach indra dev a lesson, he has gained an ego.
In devlok, friend tells indra dev that ganesh ji has called him only and he wants to talk to him. Indra dev gets angry and says what is this? I am not anyone’s servant, I choose not to go. This is ridiculous, I just came back from Kailash and ganesh ji is calling me again? Don’t I have work? Devi sachi thinks indra dev is doing wrong, he should go, what has happened to him? She says swami why don’t you go? There must be some work. Indra dev says I am going to take this matter to mahadev, it is enough now. Indra dev goes angrily out of the palace, rishi Brihaspati, the guru of gods comes and says indra dev! indra dev goes past him in anger ignoring him. Sachi tells Brihaspati that devraj indra is angry and she is worried he doesn’t do something in anger in Kailash otherwise mahadev wont forgive him, she says guru you go and calm down swami’s anger. Brihaspati goes behind indra dev as he goes to Kailash and says stop devraj indra! Stop! Calm your anger, don’t be so angry, you are going out of control and you may do something bad under your anger. Indra dev says guru I respect you a lot but I am not going to stop now, I am in no intention to insult you so please don’t stop me, come with me if you want as I am going to mahadev. As both walk, they come near Kailash and a adhori baba sleeps in the way. Indra dev says who is this? Brihaspati says he is an adhori baba, must be mahadev’s disciple. Indra dev says get aside you adhori now, I have to go from here. The baba doesn’t say anything and keeps sleeping. There ganesh kartikeya and parvati are there.
Indra dev says angrily adhoari get aside right now, I am devraj indra and I have to go to mahadev, don’t come in my way. The baba sleeps. Indra dev gets more angry and says adhori you fool, I am dveraj indra, do you know whose orders you are ignoring? If I get angry I will not leave you, I will destroy you. Brihaspati says devraj what are you saying? Calm down, he is an adhori baba and we are near Kailash, near Kailash mahadev’s different disciples are here and there, baba’s, rishi, yaksha, nag, gandharva, daksh, animals and birds and people, everyone come here and if they are tired they rest here, don’t act in this manner with the adhori baba, he must be a disciple and we shall not insult them. Indra dev says I am angry now, I am the king of gods and this baba is not listening to me, I don’t care if he is mahadev’s bhakt, I have to get in Kailash and if he doesn’t listen to me, I will not leave him. Indra dev says adhori get aside. Brihasptai says mahadev will be angry if anything happens to his disciples. Indra dev says what is this? It is always about mahadev, why is everything about him? If this happens, then mahadev will be angry, if that happens mahadev will be angry, why should we act according to him? Indra dev says adhori go away now otherwise I will kick you from here or crush you here and you will regret it then.
Kartikeya there says what is indra dev saying? Doesn’t he have senses, it is father himself and indra dev is insulting father.
There Brihaspati says indra dev you have lost your mind, there are many ways to go to Kailash, if he is resting, then lets go from the backside. Indra dev says no guru, now I shall go from here only, backside is for criminals not for gods, I will go from here. The baba says I cannot get aside, I am resting. Indra dev is angry and he screams loudly, he calls airaavat. Airaavat elephant comes. Indra dev says airaavat, go and crush this man, stamp him or kick him, do whatever but get him away from my way. Airaavat goes trumping.

Precap: mahadev egts up in anger as indra dev takes his Vajra. Indra dev is shocked and scared. Mahadev gets angry and his third eye is about to open.

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