Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th August 2019 Written Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th August 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th August 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with ganesh, kuber & kartik enter into the den where they feel the trunk is hidden. Ganesh is telling all to search that place where the trunk is hidden. Ganesh is in confusion as there are various in & out ways & also kartik is feeling the same way. Kuber is slipping while searching in the den. Ganesh is going through various entries of finding out the hidden trunk. Kartik is again in confusion how to go as various ways are found like chain. Kuber is also getting troubled by the various ways. Ganesh is thinking now right or left should be ended & Kartik also thinks the same way. Kuber is saying too that I’ll also go straight so finally all meet at one place after roaming around all ways & exit points in the den getting surprised for each other. Kartik

is saying doing all this had no reason.
Kuber is saying that the evil has hidden at such a place where we can’t search nor our thoughts.

Ganesh is also thinking of this puzzle & saying the evil said true as his puzzle is hard to solve. Ganesh is telling kuber that there is no such place where mushakji can’t reach so tells mushakji to send all mushak to find the place so mushakji spreads his voice to all his mushaks to search & all mushaks spread to find out the trunk. After sometime mushakji is in confusion how much time has taken by all but still no message received yet. Kartik is reminding ganesh about mata laxmi’s warning & says as we do not have much time left so have do something fast. Ganesh is thinking what mata laxmi had told him.

Mushakji is telling ganesh that found something as some light is been seen so ganesh goes with mushakji towards the light & they find the trunk. All mushaks are praying ganesh & ganesh thanks all. Ganesh now thinks that he can solve this puzzle & pushes the trunk. The evil understands & is thinking how ganeshji found the trunk which was impossible so how it happened.

Kartik & kuber are happy seeing ganesh pushing the trunk. Ganesh opens the truck & the evil comes out & asks ganesh how you reached here so ganesh tells him that good deeds always search their path towards evil deeds. The evil is saying then too you are far away from me as how much you try you can’t find me as you also can’t take any coin. The evil is saying that as I tell you my last puzzle then it will be impossible to solve as you three too cannot solve this. Also you can’t take away a single coin from this wealth.

The evil throws a coin on top & tells the third puzzle as one coin having two faces with both sides supported for each other & you will find me there.

Ganesh squeezes that coin which was thrown & evil understands this so says to ganesh that this is wrong as you can’t take away my coin. Ganesh is saying like this coin I have acquired by the same way I will acquire all the wealth from this selfish evil.

Kuber is telling ganesh how we can solve this puzzle of him as he said we three also can’t solve this. Kartik is also telling ganesh how we can solve as it is more harder than previous were so ganesh is explaining kartik & kuber that the person giving challenge saying continuously that we can’t solve his puzzles tries to makes us more scared as we should not so we do not have to think on his scary talks but on solving puzzle instead.

Ganesh is thinking about the puzzle deeply throwing the coin on top & also finding the half answer as prabhu Narayan & mahadev on both sides of the coin. Kartik tells ganesh we have found half the answer so we have to search the answer of another side & ganesh thinks what can be this that one side of coin shows prabhu Narayan & other side shows mahadev so what is same in them & suddenly both say snake & Kuber is saying that prabhu Narayan is under sheshnag & mahadev is having snake beyond his body.

Mushakji says to ganesh that I have found the answer. Ganesh is telling about the puzzle where the evil will be found near snake place as snake is his support.

Ganesh & all are going to searching the snake places while kuber is in trouble telling ganesh that this may also create destruction between all people too of this wealth if found by anybody.

Ganesh & all reach at snakes place & snake gods immerge & pray ganesh & asks ganesh how we can help you so ganesh is telling details of the evil. They snake god tells ganesh that there was one such big light seen in the night. Ganesh is in confusion.

Precap: Ganesh is calling the evil to come out from the den. The evil is saying that I will tie you with my powers.

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