Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th March 2018 Written Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th March 2018 Written Update by Tanaya

Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th March 2018 Written Episode

The episode starts with the red ball breaking and a demon comes out of it, it starts eating all fishes and water animals.
There mahadev continues telling the story. Rishi Agastya looks at vindhyachal. Vindhyachal becomes so tall that it blocks sunrays and it starts snowing. All rishi’s and people are worried for their children and say we will die out here, lets go away, they start running from their village. Rishi gets angry and says vindhyachal! Vindhyachal looks down and says who called me? I am the greatest mountain on earth and who dared to call me by my name? vindhyachal sees rishi and says who is that small human? Rishi says it is me vindhyachal, rishi Agastya! Vindhyachal gets scared in a minute and thinks rishi Agastya came here? He is feared by the gods and tridev too, I have

to be careful, if I get cursed no one will be able to save me. Vindhyachal says rishi you? Rishi says vindhyachal your ego has increased so much that you forgot to do pranam to your guru, your ego has touched the skies and someone in so much ego shall always be destroyed. Vindhyachal says pranam guru, please forgive me, I had drowned in my ego, vindhyachal comes back to his normal size and the sunrays reach the place, snow disappears and everything is normal. The villagers say everything has come back to normal, lets go back to our houses, they all are happy.
Vindhyachal says rishi forgive me, I have understood my mistake. Rishi thinks vindhyachal let go off his ego after meeting his guru but I have to keep vindhyachal the same way otherwise he may pose a threat for people tomorrow. Rishi says vindhyachal any person who understands his mistake shall be forgiven, I give you one chance, I am going to the south with my wife, you shall remain in this position with your head down all your life! Vindhyachal says yes rishi, as you say. Rishi Agastya and lopamudra go ahead.
In present, there in the oceans, some mermaids swim to the surface and see bones of fishes and dead flesh floating on the surface. One mermaid says who did this to the water beings? We have to find whoever did it, one says some demon must have entered the waters, lets find it and kill it before it does any more harm. The mermaids go back in the water. There the demon suddenly sees a golden light enter the water surface and says what is that? He goes towards the light. The light is reflected from a gold bangle worn by a woman pouring water inside the ocean bank. As demon swims up, the mermaids come and demon goes back on the ocean floor and says let them come, they will be my food. The mermaids surround the demon and remove their weapons, the demon acts innocent and says mother! A mermaid sees and tells everyone to stop, she says we shall not kill it, this creature must have been left alone by his parents and he must be hungry that is why it ate so many water beings, I will take care of it, don’t kill it. The mermaids says we don’t know what it is and it could harm everyone. The mermaid says no leave it, I will feed it. As everyone put their weapons down, the demon sucks all mermaids one by one and says you are my food now, all mermaids are killed. The demon laughs.
There mahadev continues and brahma dev tries again but is stopped and mahadev tells rishi agastya’s story. In flashback, as rishi and lopamudra continue ahead they go through the forests and a demon hides and sees them. The demon is named atapi and he says this rishi is so fat and plump, today me and my brother will get to eat good food. Mahadev tells ganesh that atapi and his brother demon king keval tricked rishi’s and other people into his kingdom and atapi used to become a goat which would be cooked and served as food to the guests, atapi had the power to resurrect so he would come back alive from the stomach of the guests by bursting their stomachs and killing them, then he and his king brother would eat the guests as food. There rishi thinks I feel someone is here, he stops and says lopamudra lets take rest, lopamudra says I will bring fruits for you. Atapi comes and says no need mata, I am atapi and my brother is the demon king here, I and my brother would love to have you at our palace for lunch rishi. Rishi Agastya sees from his powers how atapi and his brother keval are. Rishi thinks of punishing them. He tells you go ahead I will come. Atapi goes and informs his brother that he lured a fat rishi into their palace and they will get good food. Brother is happy. Rishi tells lopamudra he will be back and she cannot come because she wont like what the demons will do there.

Precap: rishi goes in the palace of the demon brothers. There the demon inside the ocean creates havoc and starts attacking more beings.

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