Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th September 2019 Written Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th September 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th September 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with Ganesh is getting attracted towards bhandasoor while mata is thinking that I understand your condition that who is meditating for you has get to get his wish fulfilled so ganesh thinks that to forgive me mata if I go to bhandasoor.
Sharpani is getting angry while devi nakula says you will get killed by me now.
Saraswati mata is telling brahmandev that i have faith devi nakula will defifnitely kill sharpani.
Ganesh is saying some mistake shoud happen by bhandasoor so that I will get relief. Bhandasoor is thinking my yagna should get successful.
Sharapani is fighting with mouse’s while all are watching & she says let me see how much time you will be saved so nakula says the power is shown by attacks while sharpani says see my powerful attack

now & she gulps nakula while bhandasoor is thinking devi sharpani has won I guess.
Laxmi mata says how can this be possible & when sharpani had gulped nakula she blasts her body from inside & comes out & bhandasoor is shocked while nandi praises devi nakula & all gods are happy.
Bhandasoor is thinking I have to complete my yagna & he does as mantri says we have again lost so bhandasoor is saying no as we have won. Ganesh pleads mata parashakti & he goes to bhandasoor as bhandasoor prays ganesh.
All devi’s are telling mata parashakti something has to be done to release ganesh.
Bhandasoor is welcoming ganesh with washing his feets & says I am blessed you have come & now you hev to be here as this is my wish while ganesh is thinking I should do something to make him release me as he has done yagna for me to come here but I have to act fast to leave this place. Ganesh asks bhandasoor what you will do for me if I wait here & he says I will do anything so i will make modak’s which you love & how much you want so ganesh tells him that you have to give me modak’s how much I want & if you fail then I will leave from here so he promises saying this won’t happen but he also takes promise from ganesh that till time I provide you modak’s you have to be here till I complete my work so ganesh also promises. Bhandasoor is taking ganesh’s feet’s mud on his head thinking I will succeed with your feet blessings & says that I will keep my duplicate here to keep giving you modak’s & he tells him to keep ganesh busy & he goes for his work. Ganesh says I can’t see any modak in my plate so bhandasoor says I never knew ganesh will finish so early & this keep on going as ganesh tells him that if you do not provide me fast then I will leave from here so he acts very fast.
Original Bhandasoor is in a deep underground thinking I have to build a big havan kund so he starts his work & says that prabhu ganesh is already here so soon mahadev will also come so that I can destroy mata parashakti.
Devi tells mata parashakti that what we have to do something so mata tells that now ganesh will do as per his tricky plans.
Ganesh is playing tricks with duplicate bhandasoor asking where are modak’s or I will leave so he orders more & more modak’s but as it keeps getting finished he is in trouble thinking how so much modak’s I should bring for ganeshji. Original bhandasoor is thinking that if modak’s are not provided to ganeshji then he will leave & my work will be affected so need to do my work fast. Ganesh tells other bhandasoor that now only this much modak’s are left so after eating theses I will leave.
Bhandasoor is thinking some solution has to be thought. He is calling sun god by warning him so he comes & says i can’t fulfill your wish so bhandasoor is warning son god that I will finish you from your place while ganesh is telling other bhandasoor that I will leave now after eating this single modak left. Sun god is telling bhandasoor that I have nothing to give you except this so he takes asksha patra & he gives ganesh modak’s in that aksha patra saying now you can’t finish so easily & ganesh with mata parvati & mahadev are confused.

Precap: Bhandasoor is fighting with mata parashakti’s devi army while ganesh is thinking i have to act fast or mata will get depressed by me. Bhandasoor is saying now mata’s army can’t face my powers now.

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