Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st January 2020 Written Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st January 2020 Written Update by Tanaya

Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st January 2020 Written Episode

The episode starts with & ganesh telling evils that kartik will be visiting kashi to take blessings of mata manikarnika & they say we too will go there & ganesh tells them to take blessings of mata manikarnika needs strong efforts to take. They start to go there & ganesh too goes there.
Ganesh reaches & tells kartik it’s very big thing to take blessings of mata manikarnika & kartik is saying we have to wait for bhog from senapati to bring but senapati could not bring & ganesh prays kalbhairav to please help kartik to complete his tour. Kartik tells senapati it’s ok we will go ahead & kartik sees a dog crying for food & kartik gives him what he had for providing bhog to kalbhairav & thinks now I do not have anything now for bhog. While moving ahead he sees a brahman trying to come down from the steps but may fall & kartik helps him so he gets happy & gives his food to provide bhog to bhairav & kartik feels glad about him. Kartik is putting bhog to bhairav & praying to help him in completing his tour of kashi & as they see the same brahman is standing in front of them in statue of bhairav then they ask him to show your original form & mahadev blesses them & tells them now you have to go & take blessings of my kundbaba.
The helper evils are dancing taking name of ganesh around their leader & tells them to stop while he is watching kartik & ganesh where are they moving ahead & planning to do something. He is remembering what ganesh had told them while they are facing trouble standing at one place too by getting shaken through storm. The evil is planning to keep all of them in my eye sight to see what they are upto now.
Ganesh is asking kartik if you have taken all kinds of those materials required for Pooja & kartik tells him I have taken everything & they move ahead to pray kundbaba of mahadev. All are doing Pooja having lightening candles in their hands & mahadev immerges for kartik telling him now to take blessings from mata manikarnika with full faith while indra is in trouble thinking how to impress mata manikarnika then mahadev explains him you will see a big light & keep faith in yourself so that all your tasks get completed successfully & they all pray mahadev.
Ganesh advises kartik as prabhu told we have to go fast towards mata’s darshan so that we can complete our tour soon. The evils are planning some evil act towards them.
They all are moving ahead & reach near ghat of mata manikarnika & ganesh explains kartik it is called as nabhi Kendra too & kashi is a very pure place where hari Narayan’s chakra had made mata’s mani fall here so it’s called as manikarnika over here & also tells that mata’s Pooja happens by vishalakshi. Kartik asks where can be mata manikarnika & ganesh shows him & also appreciates her looks & beauty & directions how she has on her form while all pray her & she has all looks of mata paravati including mahadev’s sight too.

Precap: To see of manikarnika’s start of existence & kartik’s second phase of life of marriage.

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